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BNP’s search committee to find next secretary general

Published on : 11 February 2019, 08:07 PM
BNP’s search committee to find next secretary general

BNP’s acting chief Tarique Zia, who is absconding in London, has formed a search committee to find party’s next secretary general. Tarique has asked the committee members to provide him three to five possible names for this post. Tarique will discuss with the grassroots BNP when names of the recommended candidates will reach him. A BNP leader said it would arrange a poll in the grassroots and Tarique will administer it. Since the national election was over, the demand for replacing the secretary general has become stronger. From BNP’s top to the grassroots, all are in favor of bringing a change in the leadership as it has failed.

In the beginning, Tarique Zia was against such an idea. But later he received such information that if he does not change the secretary general there will be a conflict within the party and the party will lose its mental strength. According to the information, Tarique has already contacted at least five persons for the next secretary general post. They are former vice-chancellor of Dhaka University Professor Dr. Emajuddin Ahmed, acting editor of the Bangla daily Amar Desh Mahmudur Rahman, Jai Jai Din editor Shafik Rehman, The Daily Dinkal editor Rezwan Siddiqui, and Supreme Court Bar Association President Advocate Zainul Abedin. Sources in BNP said Tarique asked them to provide him the list of the names. Later, Tarique will discuss it with the grassroots leaders.

A BNP leader said normally the party’s chairperson selects the secretary general. But this time, Tarique is considering recommendations of the grassroots. Tarique has planned a long-term movement and following this planning, he plans to reshuffle the organization. As part of this process, the position of the secretary general will see the first change. Then changes will possibly be made in the standing committee and executive committee. BNP is divided over arranging the council. Most of the party leaders and workers believe that it is illogical and indecent to hold a council session while the party’s chairperson is in jail. However, at present, the party’s situation is very fragile. Tarique agreed to hold the council despite his mother being in the jail because he believes that if new leadership is not introduced in the party and the organization is not reorganized, starting a movement will be very difficult. A number of top BNP leaders said BNP is now concerned with starting a movement only.

In the past few days, Tarique Zia is increasing his contact with BNP’s grassroots. He is taking their opinions on the movement and organizational matters. It is believed that within the next forty five days, BNP will see the new secretary general. But it is now to see how the secretary general resolves party’s internal conflict. 

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