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Who’ll be AL’s next general secretary?

Published on : 11 February 2019, 06:22 PM
Who’ll be AL’s next general secretary?

Awami League gave a message through the 11th National Parliamentary election, reserved women seats nominations and the nominations of upazila election`s chairman posts. And this is the triumph of the newcomers. These nominations proved that Awami League is prepared to accept new leadership. Awami League`s policymakers have repeatedly said that the new faces would have to be welcomed. Many veteran leaders have been excluded in order to give space for the newcomers. Heavyweights of the party were excluded from party`s central committees, and have now been dropped from the cabinet also. They are only holding the decorative posts of the adviser.

Awami League has decided to complete the party council by October-November. After the upazila elections, the party will start the district level council related work. Several sources of Awami League said that after the month of mourning the new leadership will be welcomed by the district level council in September. And right from now on, the speculation in the party has started over AL`s next general secretary. Everyone has the same question, who will be party`s next general secretary?

Awami League`s current general secretary Obaidul Quader may have to step down from his post like the same way party`s veteran leaders were excluded. Political experts believe that relatively a younger one may be the general secretary of the party this time. But it is not sure when it will be. It is seen in the history of Awami League that Awami League`s general secretary has been in charge for two terms generally if there was no big event. For example Abdul Jalil was AL`s general secretary for one period of time. Then he had to step down. However, Syed Ashraf was the general secretary for two terms. In this connection, Obaidul Quader may again serve as the general secretary of the party in next council. Even if he becomes the general secretary again, it will then be clear who will be coming in general secretary`s candidate list or how the organizational structure will be arranged for the newcomers.

Again, many sources of Awami League said that since Obaidul Quader is very busy as a minister and prime minister Sheikh Hasina wants the party to be separated from the organization. In that case, the general secretary post may see a change to strengthen the organization. This time general secretary could be a leader who is not a minister and can work for the party at all times. A leader of the party said, Awami League is a big organization. Party management is a huge task. Therefore, the party needs a full-time leadership and general secretary. From that point of view, it is not unusual in having change in general secretary post.

If the change comes, who will be the general secretary of Awami League? Recently four leaders are serving as party`s joint general secretary. Among them Dr. Dipu Moni is serving as the Education Minister. There is doubt that if she could be the general secretary of such a big party. Moreover, the practice of coming out of the grassroots for this position does not apply to her. Mahbubul Alam Hanif has been elected an MP in this year`s election. But he did not have any important responsibility or position in his student life or youth politics. In view of this, there are questions among Awami League leaders about the suitability of them for the general secretary position.

Abdur Rahman and Jahangir Kabir Nanak are also in joint general secretary post. Both of them did not get the nomination. Later, they did not even get any official posts. In view of this, one of them may be selected as the next general secretary of Awami League. In particular, Jahangir Kabir Nanak was involved in Bangladesh Chhatra League and Jubo League politics. But since he was not nominated for the 11th parliamentary election, the question remains whether he can be general secretary of Awami League.

Former JUCSU VP Enamul Hoque Shameem got the nomination this year. Shamim also became an MP and deputy minister. He is also serving as Awami League`s organizing secretary. For this reason, many people think that when AL takes the initiative to introduced new leadership in party, then it could select the young leaders like Enamul Hoque Shameem.

Although it is less likely to be so quick. As the general secretary of Awami League, someone who is connected with the party, known and popular to different level leaders and activists will be selected. From that point of view, the possibility of change in Awami League’s general secretary post in the next council is unlikely.

But Awami League politics is always full of drama. Since the discussion on the new general secretary of the party and the process of finding the option have started, so Obaidul Quader may not stay in his post till the end. On the other hand, Awami League president has been surprising everyone since this year`s election. Considering this, if the general secretary of the party changes, it will surely be a big surprise.


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