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Job recommendation to ‘disqualify’

Published on : 11 February 2019, 11:00 AM
Job recommendation to ‘disqualify’

The recommendation practice of the ministers and MPs in government services will soon be banned. Measures will be taken to stop the ministers from sending a written recommendation letter to the concerned authorities. A candidate will be considered ‘disqualified’ if found recommended. A number of sources informed that as per the recommendation of the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC), the government is going to take such a decision.

A responsible source in the government said in the current tenure of the government, it wants to establish merit and qualification to be the only requirements in the government jobs. Moreover, according to the election manifesto, the government has also taken steps to create an integrated database for employment.

Sources said BPSC is unhappy with the pressure of recommendation in various appointments. Even the viva voce of the BCS exam has not been spared from this practice. Other exams for government jobs are also not free from this trend. This practice has become a normal incident in government jobs. The ministers and MPs send letters, which are written in their pads, recommending appointment for positions like peon, police constable and health worker etc. Sometimes, it is seen that there are only ten posts available but the ministers and MPs have already sent 20 recommendation letters.

Anti-Corruption Commission and BPSC, both believe the recruitment business exists because of this DO or recommendation of the ministers or the MPs. This practice produces a class of brokers. The image of the ministers and the MPs is damaged because of them. On behalf of BPSC and ACC, the government has been separately informed about this problem. The two organizations asked for an immediate stop to this culture of sending written recommendation letter. BPSC said the recommendation is a great barrier to the recruitment process based on merit and qualification. On the other hand, the ACC said that due to that reason the corruption has spread in the grassroots too. In the third consecutive term in power, the Prime Minister took a tough position to stop irregularities in the appointment. In the meantime, she has also instructed the concerned authorities to take the necessary steps to stop this practice in the recruitment process. Very soon a government`s official announcement may come in this regard, said an official source.

Moreover, Awami League told in its election manifesto, ‘an integrated database will be created collecting the information of the less, middle and highly educated youth at the national level. Through this, government and non-governmental organizations will be able to call upon the youth to apply for jobs as per their needs and the merit of the youth.

The government has already started an initiative to build an integrated information store. Government sources said a committee has been formed in this regard comprising the Prime Minister`s Office, Ministry of Information Technology, Ministry of Youth and Sports and Manpower and Employment Bureau.

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