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Standing committee boycotts Tarique’s meeting

Published on : 10 February 2019, 07:20 PM
Standing committee boycotts Tarique’s meeting

There was dispute in BNP over filing a case in the election tribunal. Although Tarique Zia (Rahman) directed the senior leaders of the party to file the case, they rejected it. On Saturday, BNP standing committee held a meeting on this purpose. Tarique connected with them through video conference.

In the December 30 election, BNP alone won only six seats. In the meeting of Jatiya Oikya Front, it was decided that they would file case in the election tribunal charging alleged vote rigging in the election. According to the election law, within 45 days of the publication of the Gazette notification, there is provision to file a case with the High Court in the election tribunal. The last time to file a case is February 15. According to the decision of the meeting of Oikya Front, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir proposed filing a case in the tribunal at the party forum. But none at the meeting supported this proposal. Rather, Barrister Moudud Ahmed, who attended the meeting, said, "It takes a long time to settle such cases." According to the sources, BNP standing committee member Dr Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain also opposed the case and said, "Who will give information about rigging?" Then the initiative of filing the case was stopped there.

But in the last one week, Tarique Zia directed the party leaders of different levels and workers to file the case. Yesterday, the meeting of BNP candidates in the central office of Nayapaltan was called. 70 BNP leaders attended the meeting who participated in the December 30 election. Tarique Zia gave the order to file the case at the meeting. But the BNP standing committee members boycotted the meeting which was called by Tarique. However, the party secretary general was not at the meeting because he was abroad. Regarding not participating in the meeting, one of the influential members of the standing committee of party said, `What will happen with these meaningless programs? Who will pay the expenses of this case?` He said, `Thousands of leaders and workers of the party are in jail now and the party cannot manage money for their legal fight, and who will carry the expenses if the case is filed in the tribunal?`

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, one of the BNP standing committee members, said, `In the last election, the nomination of many BNP candidates has been canceled. Begum Zia was sentenced by the court, she was not granted bail in different cases. What can we expect from this court? The court will ask, has there been any vote rigging in the election?` Another member of the standing committee of the party called this decision as a `bizarre` one.

After the election, senior leaders have been disagreeing with Tarique Zia. Their opposite position regarding the election tribunal has revealed this disagreement. Sources in BNP said the anti-Tarique polarization is increasingly getting severe in BNP. Senior leaders of the party are now saying openly that if Tarique Zia is in the leadership, nothing will happen in BNP. It is now a matter of time to see whether the situation leads to the breakdown of the party.

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