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Rizvi-Zafrullah’s harsh argument

Published on : 10 February 2019, 02:11 PM
Rizvi-Zafrullah’s harsh argument


Ruhul Kabir Rizvi gets agitated at Dr Zafrullah Chowdhury as he harshly criticized BNP and Tarique Zia in a human chain organized by `Bangladesh Jatiya Manobadhikar Parishad` yesterday (Saturday) in front of the National Press Club. There he said to Tarique Zia that, "Leaving arranging meeting via Rizvi, sit with the senior leaders of the party. Take time for movement. Talking over Skype staying in London will make you another Rizvi."

Aiming at the senior leaders of the party he said that there would be no benefit on issuing statement from press club or political office. This Oikya Front leader and Gonoshasthaya Kendra founder urged a dialogue with the government for the release of Begum Khaleda Zia.

When Dr Zafrullah`s statement was getting published in different media channels, BNP`s senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi became angry. He made a telephone call to Zafrullah and said, "Oil your own machine. You criticized BNP more than you did to Awami League. Have you got the agency to criticize BNP? Did the government send you to Oikya Front for this reason?" Rizvi`s such remark turned Zafrullah furious. He said, "I don`t need to learn politics from you. No one else could harm BNP as much as you did."

At one point of the argument, Rizvi cut off the telephone call. Then he complained to other BNP leaders about it. Nobody could help him except giving sympathy.

Contacted, Dr Zafrullah said, "BNP has some chatterbox politicians. They don`t have ability to do something except issuing statements. They`re making BNP more vulnerable with their statements. By doing this BNP will not be able to form movement and release Khaleda Zia."

He said, ``I believe in democratic power. I am not liable to anyone other than the general public. I did what I thought was right. I have nothing to do if anyone got hurt."


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