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Why Suborna got nomination?

Published on : 10 February 2019, 12:50 PM
Why Suborna got nomination?

The event happened in 1980. Ziaur Rahman’s BNP was in power. A drama on our Great Liberation War was scheduled to be made for Bangladesh Television. The producer of the drama was late Zia Ansari. Suborna Mustafa was called for acting in the drama. It is not necessary to mention how popular she was at that time. In one word it can be said, she was ruling the entertainment industry. She was a superstar then. Another notable actor late Humayun Faridi was determined to share the screen with her. He was also called for the meeting organized over the drama. The storyline was created based on our Liberation War. Suborna Mustafa was supposed to play the loving role for a freedom fighter. She was directed to deliver a dialogue to her lover, "Zia is our leader. He ordered us to fight for the country. You should join the war and free our country." But Suborna Mustafa refused to deliver that dialogue. She clearly stated to the producer, "Ziaur Rahman was never our leader. Suborna Mustafa will never act in such a drama that distorts our history." She instantly left the shooting area.

She is always like that. If she doesn`t like the script, she directly declines it without any hesitation. She never compromises with good works. She has such infamy reputation.

The next event took place in 1984. Dictator Ershad was in power. Bangladesh Television was scheduled to air a drama on Victory Day. Barkatullah was the producer. Mustafa was scheduled to share the screen with Raisul Islam Asad. In a dialogue, they were supposed to say `Bangladesh Zindabad`. When she noticed it, she refused to act in the play without any hesitation. She directly said, "Call me when you get that courage to direct a play on Liberation War that would chant Joy Bangla."

Prime Minister came to know about these incidents somehow. Suborna Mustafa has never been active for Awami League’s politics. But yet she has possessed a clear stand over Bangabandhu and our Great Liberation War. And the Prime Minister knows it well. The PM has utmost respect to those people who have firm position over ideology even if they are not involved with politics directly.

When the question of Suborna Mustafa`s involvement in Awami League was questioned after the announcement of her name yesterday (Saturday), the PM said, "It is not necessary to do Awami League’s politics." She gave examples citing above incidents and said, "I always evaluate those who fight against the distortion of the history."


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