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Sheikh Hasina’s gift to sacrificing & proven leaders

Published on : 09 February 2019, 06:25 PM
Sheikh Hasina’s gift to sacrificing & proven leaders

The grassroots Awami League are happy with the nomination of women reserved seats and the first phase nomination of the upazila elections. Those who are AL’s proven and sacrificing leaders, and led the party during its crises, have been nominated. The newcomers and hybrids have been ignored this time. The AL leaders and workers are saying, ‘This is another victory for AL.’ With this initiative, the sacrificing AL workers will be more encouraged to work for the organization. Prime Minister and AL President Sheikh Hasina sent two messages with this initiative:

First, the party will evaluate one’s work for the party. Secondly, one cannot be a leader joining AL for a short span of time.

A grassroots leader of AL said, ‘In the past 10 years, the hired people in AL created a nuisance in the grassroots. AL has turned away from this trend.’ However, those who research about AL’s politics believe that the process of preventing the ‘migratory birds’ began long ago. The AL president started this through forming the committee of Bangladesh Chhatra League. Those who were made members of the committee, their father and forefathers were involved with the politics of AL. Those who joined from other parties were excluded from the committee. AL has already got results of this initiative. Chhatra League’s bad reputation has already reduced to a great extent. There is no allegation of extortion and clash over tender dropping. In the December 30 election, it was not possible to follow this process as BNP participated in the election and AL’s main discussion was about winning the election. Still, AL tried to exclude those who were identified as opportunists and newcomers. In the women reserved seats nomination, except for Suborna Mustafa and Aroma Dutta, others were proven leaders. Many of them have spent their lives for AL. Although Suborna Mustafa was not directly involved with the politics of AL, her free-thinking mentality and belief in the spirit of Liberation War were strong. Aroma Dutta is also known to be a strong believer of non-communal politics and our Liberation War spirit. Many doubted that AL would not be able to find out the true supporters of AL in the crowded nomination. However, the prime minister has proved them wrong.

After the announcement of the women reserved seats nominations, AL also announced names of 87 candidates for the upcoming upazila elections. Last, the hybrid AL leaders flooded the party’s grassroots. Many from BNP-Jamaat alliance became chairman after joining AL. But, this time, it did not happen. This list proved that those who are sacrificing leaders of AL got nominated. AL’s grassroots once again is in the hand of the true leaders of AL. This nomination has been dubbed as the award to the sacrificing and proven leaders from Sheikh Hasina. 

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