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New polarization in politics after election

Published on : 12 January 2019, 06:43 PM
New polarization in politics after election

The experts believe that there might be new polarization in politics since all political parties- Jatiya Oikya Front and the left front- except for the grand alliance led by Awami League, rejected election results. However, it was a participatory election.

There is a talk that BNP may leave Jamaat and other Islamic parties, and form an anti-government coalition. If BNP along with the other alliance partners of the 20-party alliance, except Jamaat and Islamic parties, joins Dr Kamal Hossain’s Jatiya Oikya Front, the left front might join them too. Together, they may start a movement on the minimum issue. The left front has already rejected the results of the 11th parliamentary election alleging its results to have been tainted and an unprecedented rigging.

Alleging the same, a number of Jatiya Oikya Front leaders proposed for a greater coalition with the left front in demand of holding the election under a non-partisan neutral caretaker government. It has been reported that the left front objected on BNP’s presence in Jatiya Oikya Front. They said they would not form a coalition with Jamaat and Islamic political parties.

BNP held talks with foreign diplomats who also advised BNP to leave Jamaat. Because of this, BNP has kept the 20-party alliance inactive. BNP is now trying to bring parties like BJP, Bangladesh Kalyan Party, LDP, and NAP to Oikya Front leaving the Islamic parties behind.

The Islamic parties were also absent from the election campaign. Gano Forum leader Advocate Subrata Chowdhury said earlier that there has been an opportunity for new programs after the election. They are trying to form a greater platform with the like-minded political parties. Jatiya Oikya Front’s position is very clear; it does not want to form an alliance with Jamaat. BNP joined us separately. However, Oikya Front will always welcome other partners of the 20-party alliance.

Jatiya Oikya Front contacted with the left front to create a greater platform in demand of new election. The left front said that they have different opinions. However, they believe that a free and fair election is impossible without the caretaker government system. Therefore, they have agreed in principle to start a movement.

When contacted, Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) President Mujahidul Islam Selim said that they do not have any wish to join an alliance. However, after the election of December 30, it has become clear that without the caretaker government system, the election cannot be free, fair and participatory. Therefore, he believed that they can participate in the movement with similar programs. However, he made it very clear that they would never join hands with Jamaat. As a result, there is pressure on BNP to leave its company with Jamaat. If there is no alliance in the end, all would work on the same but a greater stage in demand of the caretaker government. There have been plans on minimum programs. An Oikya Front leader said that they would take this movement forward step by step through public relations, building strong ties with people and holding discussions inside. They are trying to include all opposition parties in this coalition.

Jatiya Oikya Front has started its activities on holding a national dialogue on its five-point demands, confirmed the party insiders.

1) Cancellation of December 30 election;

2) An outline of a non-partisan neutral government will be formulated in the minimum time frame;

3) The current Election Commission has proved to be incompetent and disqualified, so the current EC must be reformed;

4) Sorting out the arrests and harassment that took place during the election. Those who have been sued, their cases will be withdrawn and everyone will be released; and

5) To hold a free and fair election, an acceptable policy will be enacted on the role of the law enforcement agencies and administration on the basis of the opinion of all.

Jatiya Oikya Front leader Subrata Chowdhury said that we would discuss with different political parties about this draft program and we would take them forward step by step.

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