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Upazila election: Leaders leaving BNP en masse

Published on : 11 January 2019, 06:02 PM
Upazila election: Leaders leaving BNP en masse

Leaders of BNP are keen to participate in the upazila election, especially, those who are the incumbent upazila chairmen and vice chairmen and have been working in their respective areas for a long time. They are eager to go to the upazila election. Since BNP`s decision not to go to the upazila election is reasonably clear, these leaders have made contact with two other political parties- Bikalpa Dhara and Jatiya Party. Mahi B Chowdhury, the leader of Bikalpa Dhara, told Bangla Insider, "We will participate in the upazila election. We are hopeful that we will make good results in the upazila election." Many BNP leaders have been told that they can join Bikalpa Dhara in the upazila election. When asked about this, he said, "Many are keeping in touch with us. You have seen that many senior and notable BNP leaders had left the party before the election and joined Bikalpa Dhara. As we will participate in the upazila election, we want to build a strong grassroots base. Our doors are open for the popular and good candidates of BNP."

Sources said the potential candidates for the upazila election of different areas started contacting with Prof. B Chowdhury and Mahi B. Chowdhury. If BNP does not decide to participate in the election, they are willing to join Bikalpa Dhara before the upazila election.

Likewise, some leaders and activists have been contacted to join Jatiya Party. When contacted, Jatiya Party`s co-chairman GM Quader said, "Jatiya Party will participate in the upazila election and our party has brought good results always in the local elections. Now we have started to make preparations for the upcoming upazila election." When asked whether anyone from BNP would join them or not, he said, "We cannot say anything yet. If BNP does not go to the polls, many will possibly join other parties. Those who will be compatible with us can certainly join Jatiya Party. Jatiya Party will surely consider those who want to come from BNP or any other party to give strong candidates in the election."

Sources in BNP said, "Before the parliamentary election, there was a logic that if they do not go to the polls, many candidates of BNP may join Bikalpa Dhara or any other political party. Following this logic, they participated in the election. Now before the upazila election, they said that BNP would not participate in any election under this government. Now, the BNP leaders, who are popular among people and have been working for the party for a long time, were expecting nomination in the upazila election as they were deprived of nomination in the parliamentary election. But now, they are looking for a different political party. They have already started contacting." A source close to BNP said, "There had been a huge nomination business in the parliamentary election. Since then, potential candidates of different areas have been frustrated and those who wanted to contest in the election are now inactive. They are now contacting with Bikalpa Dhara or other political parties like Jatiya Party to participate in the election. Whether BNP participates in upazila election or not, there will certainly be a breakdown in BNP over the upcoming upazila election. When contacted, Nazrul Islam Khan, standing committee member of BNP, said, "It is certain we are not participating in the upazila election." He said, "If someone leaves or disobeys the party due to the temptation of participating in the upazila election, we do not need people in BNP."

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