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National executive committee wants removal of secretary general

Published on : 11 January 2019, 12:42 PM
National executive committee wants removal of secretary general

Signature gathering on a statement is underway as more than a hundred of BNP national executive committee members want the removal of the party’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul. The statement, which comprises six-point demands, will be sent to London to the acting chief Tarique Zia next week. If Tarique Zia does not take the necessary steps, the national executive committee will call for a summit meeting.

As per BNP sources, 27 members of the national executive committee held a meeting at Gulshan office following the 11th parliamentary election. They called for a meeting of BNP`s policymaking body, national executive committee. After this meeting, five BNP leaders met with the secretary general. They requested him to hold a meeting with the national executive committee to review the election. However, Fakhrul refused this saying, `This is not the proper time.` He said, ‘Most of the members of the national executive committee are either imprisoned or fugitive convicts. Such a meeting is not viable at this moment.’ After this, those who attended the first meeting started to contact with the national executive committee members. They prepared a statement that comprised a number of demands. The statement said, ‘BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul is actually implementing Awami League’s agenda. BNP is on the verge of extinction today under his leadership.’ Not just Mirza Fakhrul but also the standing committee members have been accused of this. Calling the present standing committee ‘ineffective and inefficient’, the statement emphasizes reforming leadership for the sake of BNP’s existence. BNP must prepare itself for any kind of tough challenge. Effective leadership can encourage the party supporters to start a movement to meet their demands. The six-point demands of the statement are as follows:

1) Secretary general Mirza Fakhrul, who is an incompetent, utter failure and implements agenda of AL, must be removed immediately. Anybody who is trustworthy and dependable in the party should be appointed as the secretary general.

2) The party`s current standing committee will be reorganized. The young and brave leaders will be included in the standing committee excluding the ineffective.

3) Under any circumstances, the `so-called` elected leaders will not be sworn in the Parliament.

4) An announcement of series of movement programs will be made demanding non-partisan caretaker government, the release of Khaleda Zia and cancellation of current Election Commission are met.

5) BNP’s party policies will be set calling a meeting of the national executive committee.

6) The legal process to ensure the release of the imprisoned leaders and activists must be accelerated. There would be a separate legal cell.

It has been reported that 57 members of the national executive committee have already signed this statement. When the statement will have 100 signatures, it will be sent to London. 

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