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Immortality ahead of Sheikh Hasina

Published on : 01 January 2019, 07:06 PM
Immortality ahead of Sheikh Hasina

The 30 December election has taken Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to a unique height. She has now become a portrait of Bangladesh. Winning this election, she did not just make sure that she has become the prime minister for the third consecutive term; she earned the right to lead the 100th birth anniversary of Father of the Nation and the Silver Jubilee of Bangladesh. Everyone is waiting to see how she runs the country in the next five years. In the last ten years, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken Bangladesh to a unique height. Bangladesh is now a role model in economic development. Because of this economic advancement, the vast population of the country has trusted her. If we observe that we can see she emphasized on the principles and rules after taking office in 1996 and tried to solve a number of long-standing unsolved problems. In 2008, she worked hard to rehabilitate the spirit of our Great Liberation War. She implemented some breakthrough decisions such as the trial of war criminals and running the country under the light of 1972 constitution. After coming to power in 2014, she gave importance to economic development. Bangladesh is continuously changing through different mega development projects. The Prime Minister herself has said that none can stop the economic advancement of Bangladesh initiated by her government in Bangladesh. So, in the consecutive third term, economic development is not the main agenda of Sheikh Hasina, it can be understood. Awami League government has always given importance to the economic sector for the development and progress of the country.

The prime target of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 2019 may be the war against corruption. Corruption can ruin all the economic progresses and achievements of Bangladesh. During the last two terms, many Awami League ministers and MPs were accused of corruption. And due to these allegations of corruption, Awami League has been severely criticized as well. There are no major charges against Awami League by the people except corruption, bribery, and recruitment trade. So, Sheikh Hasina may announce war against corruption in her fourth term in office.

11th parliament election has put Sheikh Hasina in an unprecedented opportunity. Her role to oppositions as the guardian of the nation is now a matter to observe. If she can take Bangladesh forward in the next 5 years through adopting the policy of consensus in politics, then it will fulfill the desire of the people of Bangladesh. If she can prove herself as a prime minister of the people going beyond her party, she will definitely become immortal and ever-remembered like her father, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.