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2019: Politics to turn violent again?

Published on : 01 January 2019, 06:03 PM
2019: Politics to turn violent again?

Although there were anxieties and concerns over the outgoing year`s politics, there has not been an outbreak of violence. After the arrest of Begum Khaleda Zia in February, no such outbreak of violent situation was seen in the political arena as expected. The uncertainty about the election was also dispelled. 2018 ended with a participatory election and a one-sided result. How will the politics of 2019 be? Having a strong opposition party in democratic politics is an important condition. But in this election, the parliament is becoming the opposition-free. Jatiya Party secured second place in the election but they are the part of the grand alliance. The achievement of the opposition in the national parliament is less than two digits. Therefore, the ruling party is the biggest risk in 2019. The supreme power often makes the party leaders and activists reckless. In this process, their tolerance decreases and their patience to accept the opinions of the opposition gets lost.

Will Awami League do so after marking the victory in two-thirds of the seats? Although Awami League president repeatedly warned party leaders and workers about this, it has now become a matter to see how AL treats the general mass and the opposition after becoming the single political force of the country.

The opposition, especially BNP and Jamaat, poses another fear in politics for 2019. Many are afraid that BNP can resort to violent and terrorist paths after not getting the opportunity of the parliamentary politics. After not being able to defeat AL through voting, the party could find another way. After the December 30 election, BNP has nothing to lose now. That is why many political analysts fear that the party could move towards the path of violent politics. It is not clear what BNP will do after the December 30 election. A group in the party is in favor of violence. The New Year has started with the fear that BNP could launch a violent political environment through them. However, a positive aspect of the New Year is the defeat of all anti-Liberation War forces. The erosion of ani-Liberation War groups in Bangladesh has started in 2018. Through the December 30 election, they have got almost diminished and this is a great achievement. But due to the sole domination of AL in Bangladesh`s politics, there are still threats that this achievement could fade away. Now AL is responsible for the democracy, politics, and political flow of Bangladesh. The politics of the New Year depends on the activity, controlling attitude and democratic responsibility of the ruling party.