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BNP has no clue

Published on : 01 January 2019, 12:30 PM
BNP has no clue

BNP did not accept such election result. As part of the movement for the cancellation of the election, BNP and Jatiya Oikya Front held a series of meetings. Perhaps they will announce new party programs soon. But it seems that they are yet to be free from this trauma. BNP did not really see it coming that it will turn into a fiasco in the election results. As a result, the BNP leaders do not know what they should do next and what the next step of BNP should be. Even the BNP leaders do not have the answer to these questions. A number of top leaders in BNP said currently, there is no atmosphere in the country to launch a movement. A BNP leader said, ‘Everything is under the control of the government. The administration, police, and judiciary are all under the control of the government. In such a situation, starting a movement means putting the BNP workers at further risk.’ Again, if BNP does not start a movement, it will be a question of its very existence, said several BNP leaders. They believe the Election Commission should be given an ultimatum that BNP would announce programs one after another if it does not cancel the election. Most of the BNP leaders believe the government will be stricter after this election. It will not give any space to the opposition. Therefore, it will not accept any movement related to the cancellation of the election. Those who were in favor of participating in this election from the beginning believe that their key objective is to organize the organization. In the past 12 years, the workers have faced a lot of oppression. After this election, their morale has totally broken down. So, they will not respond to the call of launching a movement at this moment. This section of BNP believes they should reject the election results only in statements and speeches. Then, they should arrange a council and elect new leadership. With the new leadership, they would reorganize the party.

BNP leaders said, ‘We don’t have clue what direction we should move forward to. We thought we`d get at least 60 to 70 seats in the parliament and form a strong opposition party. But we can’t believe that the situation will turn out to be like this.’

BNP was really very shocked at the results that it could not even respond officially after 24 hours.
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