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Tarique buys house for Dr Kamal in London

London Correspondent
Published on : 20 December 2018, 06:05 PM
Tarique buys house for Dr Kamal in London

BNP acting chief Tarique, who is absconding in London, has bought a house for Dr Kamal Hossain in London’s high society area. Dr Kamal’s son-in-law David Bergman has been living in the house since October. An investigation revealed that Dr Kamal is the owner of a luxurious house in London’s first-class area Kennington. His house is located at Palace Garden’s W8 road.

On September, the house was bought from a person named Tomas Major, while Lord Carlile was the custodian, the lawyer of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia and Tarique Zia. The purchase document reveals that the source of the money came from his earning as a lawyer in London and loan.

After reviewing the purchase document, it was found that Dr Kamal only paid 30 percent of the price, only 27,000 British pounds, money he had withdrawn from his NatWest Bank account. The rest of 67,000 British pounds came from grants of loans through three pay orders. It has been confirmed that the three pay orders came from Tarique Rahman.

Another investigation revealed that the 27,000 British pounds in the NatWest Bank was also provided by Tarique. Dr Kamal’s claim to have earned the money through his profession is also untrue. It has been reported that Lord Carlile appointed Dr Kamal Hossain as his adviser in London on July 29, 2018. According to the affidavit, Carlile appointed Dr Kamal to provide him with legal advice to help one of his clients, who has been convicted in Bangladesh. It is a clear implication that Tarique was the client. After this, through Lord Carlile’s law firm an account was opened in the NatWest Bank in the name of Dr Kamal Hossain. For the legal advisory fee, 27,000 pounds was deposited through three cheques on September 28 and September 29. Following this, the formalities for the purchase of the house were completed. Those who donated or lent money for the purchase of this house were associated with the United Kingdom’s Jamaat-Shibir unit. Among them, two were the progeny of the war criminals.

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