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Shame to Dr Kamal!

Published on : 17 December 2018, 02:27 PM
Shame to Dr Kamal!

People of different classes and professions have responded negatively to Dr Kamal Hossain’s remark, ‘The ownership of the country will be returned to its people.’ They believe it is already an independent and sovereign country and its ownership has not been sold that Dr Kamal has to bring back its ownership.

Gano Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain has repeatedly been saying this which is a blow to the country’s sovereignty. Sourav Das, a student of Public Administration Department of Dhaka University, expressed disappointment over the matter. He said, ‘How can someone of his stature, who chaired the Constitution Drafting Committee of Bangladesh`s Constituent Assembly, say something like this? This is an independent country which has a map. People are the owners of this country. But Dr Kamal Hossain’s words indicate the country has been sold and he wants to bring back its ownership.’ Sourav Das requested to withdraw his statement.

Shankar Mitra, who is a media person compared Dr Kamal’s statement to the language pattern of Pakistan. Dr Tapan Bagchi said, ‘People didn’t expect this from him. I expect him to withdraw his statement.’

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