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Tarique-Ershad conspiracy plot leaked

Published on : 07 December 2018, 05:59 PM
Tarique-Ershad conspiracy plot leaked

Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad will announce his party’s departure from the grand alliance the moment he reaches Singapore. Three representatives of Tarique Zia are awaiting him there. Tarique Zia offered him 50 seats including the total costs of the election campaign and other things. However, the government received the information of Tarique and Ershad’s conspiracy beforehand.

It has been reported that Ershad staged illness drama only to get permission to go abroad. Reliable sources of the government said he would not be allowed to go abroad before December 9, the final day of nomination withdrawal. If it gets necessary, he will be shifted to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) for medical treatment.

Sources said Ershad and Tarique’s conspiracy plan began from March of this year. The newly dismissed JP secretary general Ruhul Amin Howlader was also a part of this evil conspiracy. Responsible sources said earlier when Ershad visited Singapore for treatment, he met Tarique’s representatives. Tarique asked for Ershad’s support to overthrow the Awami League-led government. Tarique offered Ershad the position of president in his government, more seats than the grand alliance offered him and assured him of freeing him from the Manzoor murder case. When Ershad agreed in principle, Taka 100 crores were preserved in an account in Dubai for Ershad. According to sources, the plan was that JP would be disappointed with the seat sharing issue with the grand alliance and Ershad would go abroad for treatment. There, he would announce forming alliance with BNP. However, Dr Kamal Hossain opposed the Ershad-Tarique coalition. Therefore, they agreed on seat sharing coalition rather than forming an official alliance.

Sources said, to finalize the seat sharing issue, Ershad’s close associate, who is a JP leader, met BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul. They prepared the list of 50 seats for JP. Among the 50 candidates of the 50 seats, none was favored by Rowshan Ershad, so she went to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and told her everything. The prime minister, however, was already aware of this with the help of the intelligence agency. After this, Ershad was pressurized to step down. But he did not step down. Instead, he removed Ruhul Amin Howlader from the secretary general position. On the other hand, BNP postponed the final nomination announcement two times because it was eagerly waiting for Ershad’s official announcement. However, a BNP leader said Tarique had succeeded to weaken the grand alliance as JP is not contesting in this election with full strength.

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