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Revolt against ‘outsiders’ in BNP

Published on : 06 December 2018, 08:00 PM
Revolt against ‘outsiders’ in BNP


BNP has formed two alliances to defeat the ruling party. Speaking of greater sacrifice, the top leaders of the party decided to leave at least 70 seats for the two alliance partners. But the grassroots activists say they are `outsiders`. BNP has called for taking preventive measures against the newcomers and reformists who have just arrived in the alliance and in BNP following the stream of the election. BNP is now fighting a war among themselves leaving Awami League. In the Moulvibazar-2 constituency, BNP nominated Jatiya Oikya Front leader Sultan Mohammad Mansur. Local BNP supporter called for taking a stance against Sultan Mohammad Mansur. The local BNP leaders wrote letters to the party`s secretary general. In this letter, it has been said Sultan Mohammad Mansur is the one who used to say BNP is a party of killers. He attacked Khaleda Zia in dirty language and called Tarique Zia as the greatest corrupt. Now the local BNP cannot accept him contesting with the sheaf of paddy symbol. Local BNP activists called for a rally protesting Sultan Mohammad Mansur`s nomination.

All the constituencies of Lakshmipur district historically remained in possession of BNP. In the 2008 election, BNP won all the seats in Lakshmipur. Local BNP leaders said, "If a banana tree is given sheaf of paddy symbol here, he/she will win." The revolt is going on in the Laksmipur-4 constituency when ASM Abdur Rab was given the sheaf of paddy symbol. Local BNP says Rab has no political party or supporters. He will not have security if he does get the sheaf of paddy symbol. On December 1, the local BNP decided after a meeting that they would stand against Rab. A section of BNP declared Abdur Rab as unwanted. The Bagura-2 constituency was left for Mahmudur Rahman Manna. The local BNP nominated upazila vice-chairman.

The local BNP cannot withstand the fact that Golam Maula Rony will contest from the Patuakhali-3 constituency as a BNP candidate. He is called as a very `cunning` politician in the area. The local Chatra Dal has announced that they would not work with Roni through a written letter. Begum Khaleda Zia expelled Zahir Uddin Khan Swapan. Swapan himself supported the arrests of BNP leaders and activists during the one-eleven era. Now Swapan has been nominated for the Barisal-1 constituency. The activists of this area have been offended by this. District BNP has already declared Swapan as unwanted.

In all areas, BNP`s local activists say that in the last 12 years those who had suffered a lot, made sacrifices for the party, and went to jail, should be given nomination. They will not have any complaint against if anyone from them is nominated. But the nomination of the outsides and opportunists would surely be opposed. Now there is no leader in BNP, whose order can calm the activists.

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