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Battleground Dhaka-19: Fight of two evil persons

Published on : 06 December 2018, 01:07 PM
Battleground Dhaka-19: Fight of two evil persons

Dhaka-19 is one of those seats for the upcoming election that will see a tough battle of the heavyweight candidates of the two largest parties of the country. The current MP of Dhaka-19, constituency number 192 of the National Parliament, is Awami League’s Dr. Enamur Rahman Enam. On the other hand, Dewan Mohammad Salauddin has got BNP`s nomination.

Before the national election of 2008, Dhaka-19 constituency was formed with nine unions of Savar upazila. Savar was once known to be a stronghold for BNP. But now the Dhaka-19 constituency has gone under Awami League’s influence. AL’s Towhid Jung Murad won in this constituency in 2008. Then in 2014, Dr. Enamur Rahman Enam became the MP of this constituency. He is the owner of Savar Enam Medical College.

However, he has earned huge criticism in his first term as the MP. Enam Medical College earned great appreciation after the Rana Plaza tragedy. At that time, the college earned good reputation by providing treatment to the wounded garment workers. But after that there have been complaints about various irregularities and treatment at the Enam Medical College at different times. In September last, after a medical operation in the hospital, the patient named Roksana died due to wrong-operation. Later, the authority of the hospital took Tk 3 lac keeping the deceased body. There are complaints that the central administration could never take strict measures against the hospital due to Dr. Enam’s influence. Many people say that Dr. Enam is not really a politician; rather he takes the advantage with the mask of Awami League.

For various reasons Enamur Rahman of Dhaka-19 constituency is considered a controversial candidate. However, Dewan Mohammad Salauddin, the BNP nominated candidate, is a few more steps ahead in this regard. In addition to corruption, he has been accused of land grabbing and tender manipulation. Dewan Mohammad Salauddin is one of the close associates of the Hawa Bhaban, a parallel government of Tarique Rahaman (2001 to 2006), At that time, he was one of the key supporters of Tarique`s mischief, tender business and terrorist activities.

Both the candidates of Dhaka-19 constituency have been accused in various charges. Because of this, the election of this constituency is being called as a fight of two evil persons. Now it is the time to see what how people of the electoral area choose the better one from these evil two persons.