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What US wants in election

Published on : 05 December 2018, 11:09 PM
What US wants in election
Everybody knows that the United States influences in the election of third world countries including Bangladesh. The US tries to dominate those countries which are relatively economically weak and economically dependent on the United States. This country publicly stated in their international policy that their position is strong against communism or socialism. The United States wants to see the capitalist democratic society system to be effective in third world countries. This international power has openly intervened in those countries where socialism and communism have been practiced, and nurtured. We all know about Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia. Even the evidence of US involvement in revolutionary Che Guevara`s assassination is quite available. Latent support of the US in the assassination of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on 15th of August 1975 was also found in various documents. However, the economic dependence on the United States has decreased greatly due to the rapid economic development of the country. As a result, the impact of the US influence in Bangladesh is now comparatively low. Yet the United States tries to influence the country due to its geographical location. Because if the United States wants to maintain its authority in this region, then Bangladesh is much more important to the United States for strategic reasons.
Just like in other elections, the United States mentions a few things in Bangladesh`s elections. New US Ambassador to Bangladesh Robert Miller has said that they want to see a free, fair, neutral and participatory election in Bangladesh. That election will be a competitive election, which will reflect the aspirations of the people. Apart from this, there are some policies and strategies the United States is following regarding the elections in Bangladesh. They want a government in Bangladesh that will follow certain policies and practices. Some of the issues that the United States wants in Bangladesh is:
1. The United States does not want the emergence of fanatic fundamentalist groups in Bangladesh. They want to see the practice of non-communal politics in Bangladesh. Recently a concrete bill has been raised against the fundamentalist groups including Jamaat and Hefazat in the US Congress and this Bill clearly expresses US desire and expression.
2. For strategic reasons, the United States wants a government in Bangladesh that will accept trade contraction policy with China. For the last two decades, Bangladesh has adopted South-South economics. And, all the governments of Bangladesh have consistently adopted trade expansion policy with China. As a result, the United States` business has reduced considerably in Bangladesh. This issue has become one of the main issues. Especially when Bangladesh is becoming a self-reliant country, there are many business and commercial possibilities in Bangladesh. The United States cannot use those business opportunities. So the United States wants a government in Bangladesh that will adopt measures to reduce trade volumes with China and create opportunities for the US.
3. The United States wants no country to show an anti-America approach. The obvious principle of the United States is that no state should establish socialism or communism. That is why the US tried to reduce the possibility of the emergence of left-wing politics. Henry Kissinger adopted US policy saying, the US takes direct position against the emergence of socialism. The United States` relations have deteriorated in countries where socialism has emerged.
4. The United States hopes from the upcoming government that the continuation of investment by the United States in Bangladesh should be enhanced further.
5. There are many pro- US civil society members in Bangladesh. Such as Dr Muhammad Yunus publicly supports the United States. The United States does not hesitate to support Dr Yunus. The United States publicly protested when Muhammad Yunus was removed from the position of managing director of Grameen Bank. In addition, when there were several defamation cases filed against Mahfuz Anam in different parts of the country, then the United States stood beside him. Supporting and patronizing pro-US civil society members is a big agenda of the US.The United States wants a government that will maintain good relations with these pro-American figures.
6. The United States has a policy, which they have never been able to implement in Bangladesh. They want Bangladesh to establish diplomatic relations with Israel. It is noticed that a BNP leader, Aslam Chowdhury, had a meeting with Israel`s intelligence agency Mossad in India. Although the United States has been working for a long time for Israel`s interests in Bangladesh, they have not been able to achieve any such success in this regard.
Apart from these, the desire of the United States is, they want to see a government in power in Bangladesh that will support US policy actively in the international arena. Secondly, they want to see a government in Bangladesh that will show loyalty to US diplomacy. Thirdly, they want a government in Bangladesh, which will maintain diplomatic distance with Russia and China in the polarization of global politics. The United States` support will remain with the political party that will give priority to these issues. Although the United States does not have the power to influence the election of Bangladesh anymore.
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