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Kamal-Tarique`s `kabin` worth crores

Published on : 05 December 2018, 08:03 PM
Kamal-Tarique`s `kabin` worth crores Kamal Hossain is a Bangladeshi lawyer and politician. He is head of Kamal Hossain & Associates, a law firm based in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Hossain is the founder and president of the Gano Forum political party and leader of the Jatiya Oikya Fro

He will not contest in the polls. His party’s seat distribution issue is yet to be resolved. BNP will not pay any attention to him if it goes to power. He is over 80 years and has physical complications. He even cannot walk properly. Still, he is the main guardian of BNP-Jamaat. He is holding regular meetings with BNP-Jamaat coalition and giving statements at the press conference. He is speaking for BNP-Jamaat with the foreign diplomats. What is his goal? Why is he ruining himself for BNP? He is Dr Kamal Hossain. According to the latest report, he gave legal advice to BNP on filing an appeal against Begum Zia’s nomination rejection. Last night, he briefed the pro-BNP lawyers at his Bailey road residence. He assured them that if the Election Commission does not accept the appeal, he will stand in the High Court for BNP.

People ask, why has Dr Kamal, who was once a devoted Awami League leader, become so desperate to work against AL? Who was once a close associate of Bangabandhu, how could he join hands with the murderers of Bangabandhu?

An investigation on this matter revealed shocking information. On the backdrop of the establishment of democracy, right to vote and pleasing talks, there are issues like greed for money and other facilities. Dr Kamal is a professional lawyer. He takes anybody’s case or gives legal advice if he is offered a good amount of money. Sources confirmed the force behind Dr Kamal’s hyperactivity for BNP is money. Responsible sources said Dr Kamal is working as part of an agreement with Tarique Zia, who is absconding in London. His salary for one day is Tk one crore. This money is being paid in London and David Bergman, who is the son-in-law of Dr Kamal, is taking the money on his behalf. Responsible sources in BNP said Tarique holds talks with Dr Kamal every day. Dr Kamal follows as Tarique directs or suggests him. A BNP leader gave an example of it. He said, ‘On Tuesday, Oikya Front held a meeting with NDI representatives. In that meeting, three leaders including BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul were supposed to attend the meeting. But Tarique telephoned Fakhrul the previous night and told, ‘Only Dr Kamal will meet NDI representatives.’ After this, Fakhrul telephoned Dr Kamal and wanted to share some guidelines. But Dr Kamal said, ‘I don’t need any guideline. I’ve talked to him (Tarique).’ On Tuesday, Tarique called lawyer Kaiser Kamal and directed him to go to Dr Kamal’s house. Kaiser told, ‘Alright, I’m calling him now.’ Tarique said, ‘You don’t need to call him. He is waiting for you.’ Rumors are circulating in BNP that there has been a `kabin` worth crores between Tarique Zia and Dr Kamal Hossain.

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