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Yunus, Sinha & Zaima in election campaign

Published on : 05 December 2018, 06:00 PM
Yunus, Sinha & Zaima in election campaign

Dr Muhammad Yunus, Justice Surendra Kuman Sinha and Zaima Rahman are joining in the election campaign of BNP and Jatiya Oikya Front, confirmed reliable sources of BNP. Dr Muhammad Yunus recently has given an interview during his visit to Paris where he elaborately explained how the government allegedly destroyed him and the Grameen Bank. However, he expressed amazement as to why his managing director post remained empty. He alleged that the government is spreading false propaganda against him. An investigation revealed that Dr Kamal Hossain’s son-in-law took the interview.

The interview will be broadcasted on BBC Channel 4 at a convenient time before the general election of Bangladesh. After this, BNP-Jamaat supporters will spread the interview on the social media. All the arrangements have been made to spread the small pieces of the interview on Facebook and YouTube.

SK Sinha stepped down from the post of chief justice after allegations of corruption and moral degradation were raised against him. He wrote a book titled ‘A Broken Dream’ with the financial support of BNP-Jamaat. He is now staying in New York under the patronage and financial support of the war criminal circle. A number of video clips of Sinha were made there. Those video clips include anti-government examples. Preparations are being made from the US and the UK to spread these video clips on different social media platforms. It has been reported that Sinha invited all to refrain themselves from voting for the boat symbol.

BNP-Jamaat has also made preparations to launch Tarique Zia’s daughter Zaima Rahman in the election campaign. A number of statements of Zaima have been recorded in London, said responsible sources. Zaima played her role flawlessly in these videos. In a crying tone, she begged to the people of Bangladesh for their votes to ensure the release of her grandmother.

Sources said the BNP-Jamaat coalition will use Facebook and YouTube as their main tools in the election campaign. The accounts that will share these videos have been opened from the US and London. About one thousand BNP-Jamaat workers are running these accounts. They are mostly criticizing the government using dirty language.  

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