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Ershad cannot sleep at night

Published on : 05 December 2018, 01:47 PM
Ershad cannot sleep at night


The nature of Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad’s disease still remains unclear. JP’s statements about the disease are often inconsistent with one another. It is even inconsistent with the type of the disease what JP claims. Sometimes JP claims Ershad is facing old age complications and sometimes it claims the JP chairman has knee pain. However, recently, JP claims that the party chairman`s hemoglobin level of blood has become low. But, no one is quite sure about what disease has affected the former president.

Sources in JP said Ershad has rather mental illness than physical illness. Ershad’s personal staff Wahab Mia told Bangla Insider, ‘Sir cannot sleep much at night. He is suffering from a sleep disorder. Sir stays awake till late at night.’

However, sources in Ershad’s family said Ershad is afflicted with various types of diseases. When Ershad was advised to go abroad for better treatment, he refused to leave the country.

Note that Ershad regularly goes to Singapore`s Mount Elizabeth Hospital for medical checkups. He is expected to visit this hospital soon.

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