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AL ahead in survey, BNP closing gap

Published on : 24 November 2018, 06:05 PM
AL ahead in survey, BNP closing gap


As the national election looms, the distance between two main opponents is reducing. The 11th parliamentary election is forecasting an intense voting competition. The US Embassy and European Union have conducted surveys across the country ahead of the election to comprehend the public opinion and election environment. Country’s one of the largest non-government organizationS has conducted the survey on behalf of the US Embassy. It submitted the survey report on November 15. The development organization will conduct the survey two more times before the election. According to the survey, Awami League-led grand alliance remains ahead in the survey and could get 163 seats if the election takes places now. On the other hand, BNP-led 20-party alliance and Jatiya Oikya Front could get 127 seats. The result of the remaining 20 seats is uncertain. The survey says people are happy because BNP is going to the polls. When asked whether there is a level playing field between the two rival parties or allies, 53 percent of people said it has not been established yet, and 37 percent people believe that level playing field has been established. The other 10 percent did not comment on this. When asked whether the Election Commission is neural, 54 percent people said that the EC is yet to act neutrally, 38 percent said the EC is acting neutrally and eight percent said it is not the right time to talk about this. In reply to whether the government is influencing the election, 67 percent people said ‘no’, 27 percent said the government is trying to establish it and six percent did not comment on this. When the female voters were asked whether they would vote, 71 percent said they would vote. When asked whether they would vote as their husbands or fathers instruct them, 41 percent of the women said they would cast their voters according to their choice. 38 percent women said they would consult with their family members and 21 percent women did not comment on this. The young voters seemed very enthusiastic. 82 percent of the young voters said they would vote. 69 percent young voters said they would discuss the matter with their friends and then decide. Though the young voters seemed very enthusiastic, the disabled people are less enthusiastic. Only 16 percent of them said they would vote and 32 percent said they would not vote. They have issues like the unsuitable environment and the polling centers are not friendly for disabled people.

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