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Respectful farewell to you

Published on : 23 November 2018, 10:07 PM
Respectful farewell to you
The proven politicians, who have long been sacrificing themselves for the politics of the country and led the party during its crisis, will not supposedly participate in this parliamentary election. Their long political life will come to an end.

Begum Sajeda Chowdhury: She had always been a true leader, a helmsman of Awami League, whenever the party fell into crisis. Sheikh Hasina calls her as Fufu (aunt). After the assassination of the Founding Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family, only two persons led the party, Sajeda Chowdhury and Zohra Tajuddin. Sajeda is known as Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s faithful and trustworthy. According to the latest report, she is not participating in this election. She is physically very ill. Her seat might be given to somebody else because of her family conflict and other reasons. The political experts believe if she does not participate in this election, it will be an end to her successful political life.

Sahara Khatun: She is respected as an ideal worker of Awami League. She received very less from politics, but she gave a lot to politics. She never lost her trust in the leadership of the party. She is also known as the leader of crisis. Especially, her role during the one-eleven government was praised inside and outside the party.  He contested from a seat in Uttara, Dhaka in the previous election. However, she is not getting the nomination this time, said the latest report. It is believed this could be the end of her political life if she does not get the nomination. 

Col. (retd) Shawkat Ali: He contested from Shariatpur and was the deputy speaker in the parliament. His name was in the convict list alongside Bangabandhu in the Agartala Conspiracy Case. He has sacrificed a lot in politics. He fought bravely during the Liberation War of Bangladesh. He is not getting the nomination due to his old age complications. It will be the end of his political life if he does not get the nomination this time. 

Not only in Awami League but also many BNP leaders’ political life may come to an end through this election, said political experts. 

Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar: Due to his old age complications he may not participate in this election. He led BNP during its critical moment. He served as the speaker of the National Parliament. He was also the acting President of Bangladesh. He never deviated from his ideology. Especially, when Khaleda Zia was arrested during the one-eleven government, he was loyal to the senior leaders of the party. In his seat, his son or somebody else may contest in the election. His political life will also be over if he does not participate in this election. 

Lt. Gen (Retd) Mahbubur Rahman: He contested from a seat in Dinajpur. He will be remembered in the politics of Bangladesh for his honesty, etiquette, and clarity, not because he was a leader of BNP. He was against Tarique Zia and absolutism of Zia family in BNP. He was made the army chief in 1996, where he worked devotedly. Because of being clear and politically polite, he is praised, criticized and condemned. If he does not get the nomination in this year`s parliamentary election, his political life will also come to an end.
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