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Industrial groups to support whom in election?

Published on : 23 November 2018, 08:01 PM
Industrial groups to support whom in election?


It is normal for a country`s large companies and industries to pledge allegiance to a particular political in the election. They formally support a political party and declare to collaborate in the election. Even in the United States, different companies and industries officially support and work for the candidates. In the last elections in India, we noticed renowned industrial groups publicly supporting BJP. However, some have pledged allegiance to the Congress.

Non-government organizations made significant contributions to the development of Bangladesh in the last decade. They have grown a good rapport with the political party. In Bangladesh, the business organizations are always very interested in the election. Many businesspersons get involved in the election. Many of them only support different candidates. But in Bangladesh, the practice of openly declaring support for a particular party is yet to be seen. Bangla Insider investigated 10 industrial groups of Bangladesh to know which political party they will support in the upcoming general election.

Square Group

Square Group has never participated in any election. Whenever a government comes to power, it tries to maintain good relations with that government. But, since the founder of the Square Group is from Pabna, it tries to influence the candidates in this region. In this election, this group will support Awami League in different constituencies of Pabna. However, none of this group is directly involved with the election.

Beximco Group

Salman F Rahman, the Head of Beximco Group, expressed interest in participating in the election. But according to the latest report so far, he may not get nomination. Maybe his name has been dropped due to the seat distribution of the grand alliance.

Nazmul Hassan Papon, Managing Director of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited, is expected to contest from a seat in Kishoreganj. He is the son of late President Zillur Rahman. Beximco group always had a good rapport with Awami League.

Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara Group is one of the largest industrial groups in Bangladesh. It is not directly involved with the election. Although it is not directly involved with the election, it plays important role in nominating candidates for the election. It has been reported that HM Ershad became the candidate in the Narayanganj-1 constituency in the interest of this group. It has close ties with Awami League. However, the investigation revealed that it will help BNP too in the election.

Jamuna Group

Jamuna Group is another major industrial company in Bangladesh. Salma Islam, the wife of the organization`s president, got nomination from Jatiya Party. Although Jamuna Group gave financial assistance to Jatiya Party in the election, it has been reported that this group also supported many leaders of Awami League and BNP.

Transcom Group

Transcom Group is involved in drugs exportation and other industries. It has been reported that the organization is directly and indirectly supporting BNP in this election.

Partex Group

Partex Group is one of the largest industries in Bangladesh. Abul Hashem is the founder of the group participated in the 2001 election from BNP. Although the industrial group has more connection with BNP, many Awami League leaders also get help from it.

Orion Group

Orion Group is a major industrial company of Bangladesh. It will reportedly assist both Awami League and BNP in this election.

Alam Group

In the last decade, there has been a rise in the list of the wealthy groups of Bangladesh, S Alam Group is one of them. Awami League has close ties with this group. It is known that it will support Awami League in this election.

Navana Group

Another big industrial company of Bangladesh is Navana Group. Although it is more sympathetic towards Awami League, it is known that BNP will also get support from it.

Ha-Meem Group

Ha-Meem Group is a large organization of garment sector in Bangladesh. Awami League has close ties with the president of this industrial organization. However, it has been reported that it will secretly support many top BNP leaders in the election.

No industry in Bangladesh has ever declared support to any party or gave monetary support to any organization openly. All things are done in Bangladesh secretly.

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