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‘Leader`s affection most precious`

Published on : 21 November 2018, 08:04 PM
‘Leader`s affection most precious`


What Awami League feared the most has not happened in reality. The party feared that those who will be deprived of nomination will revolt or work secretly to ensure the defeat of the AL candidate. But in reality, it happened the opposite. Those were not nominated have accepted their party president’s decision. They said, ‘Whatever decision the president has made is the right decision.’

AL Organizing Secretary Bahauddin Nasim said, ‘Today Bangladesh is in such situation that if there is no Sheikh Hasina the existence of the country will go extinct.’ During a conversation with Bangla Insider, he said, ‘Whether I get the nomination or not is a trivial matter. Sheikh Hasina is needed for the existence of Bangladesh.’ Nasim has been in the private team of Sheikh Hasina since 1981. He performed duty as the assistant personal secretary of Sheikh Hasina from 1996 to 2001. He further said, ‘The affection that I received from Apa (Sheikh Hasina) is more precious than the nomination.’

Nasim said, ‘I won’t have any complaint if I don’t get the nomination. The nation wants to see Sheikh Hasina as the prime minister.’

AL Joint General Secretary Jahangir Kabir Nanak said, ‘Whenever AL President Sheikh Hasina entrusted me with a responsibility, I performed with honesty.’ He told Bangla Insider, ‘It is also an important responsibility if I don’t get the nomination. I don’t get the nomination, I’ll perform my duties accordingly. There is nothing bigger than the affection of Sheikh Hasina. I am indebted to the affection of Sheikh Hasina.’

Another AL Joint Secretary Abdur Rahman said, ‘It is not the main subject whether I get the nomination or not. We’ll work unitedly so that AL wins in the election. Our main objective is to ensure the victory of Sheikh Hasina.’  

AL Organizing Secretary Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel said, ‘Those who have not got the nomination will have more responsibilities than those who were nominated. If I don’t get the nomination, I’ll follow Sheikh Hasina’s direction.’ He said, ‘We must understand that this election is to protect Bengali nation’s existence.’

Almost all in AL who did not get the nomination are talking in this manner. They all believe that whatever Sheikh Hasina is doing, she is doing with her right mind. Her political prudence is beyond any question. 

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