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Final 5 nomination strategies of AL

Published on : 18 November 2018, 10:20 PM
Final 5 nomination strategies of AL


Awami League has finalized the nomination strategy. It has adopted a tactical decision on its nomination strategy. Awami League`s decision on at least five nomination strategies are as follows:

1. Awami League will announce one candidate against each seat in its 110 seats for strategic reasons who will certainly contest for the upcoming general election. Awami League will announce the final candidate in the last moment in the remaining seats. Multiple nomination aspirants will submit their nomination papers. Awami League will finalize its candidates looking at its opposition on the respective seats. Others who have not been nominated will withdraw their nomination papers.

2. Awami League`s last field survey found that Workers Party of Bangladesh President Rashed Khan Menon, general secretary Fazle Hossain Badsha, JSD leader Hasanul Haq Inu, general secretary Nazmul Haque Prodhan, leader of JSD Moin Uddin Khan Badal and other heavyweight leaders are even uncertain of getting nomination. Awami League`s grassroots leaders have more popularity than these leaders. It is learned that in the meeting of Awami League nomination board, Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called upon senior leaders of the alliance to remain active during the campaign. At the same time, she instructed them to cooperate with Awami League. It is learned that the survey report will be shared with the alliance partners and they will be informed about their condition. A direction from the Awami League president may come soon that there is no opportunity for them to get more seats. The person who has the highest possibility of winning in the election will only be nominated.

3. In those seats where there are multiple Awami League nomination aspirants, all have made to sign in the withdrawal forms. Therefore, in the end, Awami League will have only one candidate in each constituency and avoid any conflict.

4. Where there is a chance of conflict because of multiple nomination aspirants, the top leaders of Awami League will hold talks with the local leaders to resolve the issue. If it gets necessary, the leaders will face life expulsion from the party.

5. The result of this election will depend on the youth force of the country as a large number of voters are young. Therefore, the party is prioritizing the youth rather than the older leaders. And the nomination list will have a remarkable presence of young leaders.

Awami League has finalized nomination strategy with the strategies mentioned above. Within next few days, the party will announce the final strategy.

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