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AL vows to fight against corruption

Published on : 12 November 2018, 09:03 PM
AL vows to fight against corruption

Ekhanei Themo Na Bangladesh (Bangladesh, do not stop here)’ with this slogan Bangladesh Awami League is preparing its election manifesto. AL will seek votes for the ‘boat’ symbol urging the voters to keep the development momentum of the country of the last one decade. Responsible leaders of AL confirmed that their election manifesto is finalized.  After the submission of the nomination papers, the election manifesto will be declared. One of the key members of AL’s election operation committee HT Imam said, ‘Our election manifesto will contain the achievements of AL in the last one decade and the specific goals for the coming years’. The salient features of AL’s draft election manifesto are as follows:

  1. Specific and time-bound programmes to build Bangladesh a developed country by 2041;
  2. The achievements of Bangladesh of the last decade will be highlighted. For example, the achievements like digital Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Satellite, self-sufficiency in food production etc. will be given priority;
  3. A roadmap of Bangladesh in 2100 will be depicted in the manifesto;
  4. The election manifesto will contain development plans for each village, each town and transforming the villages into towns;
  5. The election manifesto will make the commitment of Bangladesh about brining same percent people of the country under electricity coverage;
  6. Bringing down the poverty rate to zero percent and specific work plans to mitigate different types of discrimination from the society;
  7. The election manifesto will come up with a number of gifts for the youths. An announcement to increase the age limit for the government service up to 32 years will be made;
  8. The election manifesto will keep the continuity of the ‘fight against drugs’;
  9. ‘No to corruption’. The election manifesto will clearly mention AL’s zero tolerance policy against corruption;
  10. Equal opportunities for all religions and protection of the minorities will be ensured in the election manifesto;
  11. The election manifesto will put emphasis on continuing the momentum of women empowerment. And space for the women in the working sectors will be widened; and
  12. The election manifesto will point out about the grand celebration of the golden jubilee of Bangladesh and the 100th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation.

A number of AL leaders said that all the commitments made by AL in 2008 have been fulfilled. Therefore, they are hopeful that people will put their confidence on the election manifesto of AL this time as well.

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