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Surprise in AL candidate list

Published on : 09 November 2018, 06:16 PM
Surprise in AL candidate list


Awami League began selling nomination forms from 10 am today (Friday) after the election schedule was announced. After the yesterday`s (Thursday) announcement of election schedule by the Election Commission, there was a clear message to Awami League that BNP is participating in this election. From that point of view, Awami League is now taking a grand plan to participate in the election with the grand alliance.

Responsible sources of Awami League said that Awami League has made three separate lists for the election. The first list was prepared reflecting BNP`s boycott plan, second was prepared considering BNP`s individual participation and third was prepared for BNP`s joint participation.

Responsible sources of Awami League said that the party`s nomination would be finalized on the basis of the third list. Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader told Bangla Insider, "We are ready for the election. The date of the nomination board`s meeting will be decided within a few days. Chairman of the nomination board will be Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina."

Obaidul Quader said, "In this election, we are giving top priority to the latest surveys in the selection of nomination papers. We know that BNP will participate in this election. Hopefully, a competitive selection will be held this time. We will do whatever is needed to ensure a participatory election."

Special sources of Awami League said that the nomination would be accepted according to the third list made by Awami League for the election. Of the current MPs, 107 MP`s nomination can be discarded. Awami League will give a single candidate in 230 seats, leaving 70 seats for the partners of the coalition. Of the 70 seats, it has been considered to give Jatiya Party 40 seats and other parties including 14 parties the remaining 30 seats.

But Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader said, "There are chances of winning in the seats allotted to the partners. We do not believe in the sharing principle only by considering the parties. We think that we will nominate the popular and potential candidates."

Awami League sources said that Awami League will adopt 4 strategies in the election.

1. At first, Awami League will nominate candidates. If the rebel candidates submit the nomination form for the competition, then Awami League will immediately take a tough decision like the expulsion.

2. No Awami League candidate can take or submit the nomination in the constituencies that are allotted for the partner parties. If it is not obeyed, the central high command will take strict measures then.

3. Party President Sheikh Hasina will possess the highest policy-making power over the nomination.

4. President Sheikh Hasina has conducted 12 surveys on the party. The most popular leaders according to surveys have been considered for the nomination.

However, many sources said that there are several surprises in the Awami League nomination this time. Awami League will nominate players, actors, actresses, community leaders and popular personalities. Responsible sources said that the nomination of cricket star Mashrafe Mortaza was fairly confirmed From a constituency in Narail. Another source said that the veteran actress Shabana will participate in the election.

A source in Awami League said that there is a possibility of Shakib Khan`s participation. But that is not final yet. Besides, a number of popular personalities of the Bangladesh media industry will get nominations. Among the prominent people, former IGP Nur Mohammad has the possibility of getting a nomination. Several sources confirmed that former Vice-Chancellor of Bangabandhu Medical University Dr. Pran Gopal Datta could get a nomination. Sources confirmed that prominent industrialists and businessmen are likely to get the nomination in several constituencies in Dhaka. But everything will be finalized in the nomination board meeting. The nomination board meeting will begin in the next 4/5 days, sources have confirmed.

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