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Dr Kamal unable to answer Sheikh Hasina`s questions

Published on : 07 November 2018, 08:01 PM
Dr Kamal unable to answer Sheikh Hasina`s questions


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has destroyed Dr. Kamal Hossain, a popularly acclaimed international lawyer. He could not give answers to any of the five questions of the prime minister. In the second round of dialogue, Dr. Kamal was literally knocked out by Sheikh Hasina. However, just a few days ago, he used to say, ‘I can resolve the crisis within a minute.’ But today, he could not give answers to any of the five questions. The questions of the prime minister were:

1) Jatiya Oikya Front demands the dissolution of parliament before the election. The prime minister asked him, ‘You chaired the Constitution Drafting Committee in the Constituent Assembly of Bangladesh. What does the constitution of 1972 tell us? Does it say anything about the dissolution of the parliament?’ Dr. Kamal Hossain remained silent to this question.

2) Jatiya Oikya Front’s second demand was to defer the election. It demanded to hold election 90 days later after the parliament is dissolved following Article 123 (a) of the constitution. The prime minister asked Dr. Kamal that the parliament has expired and it is inactive now. Which provision of the constitution will allow us to dissolve the parliament? Dr. Kamal kept his head lowered in response to this question.

3) The third demand was that the prime minister will be in power but a 10-member body of advisers will run the country. The prime minister asked him, ‘Who will select the advisers?’ Dr. Kamal replied, ‘We all will make this decision.’ Then the prime minister asked him, ‘Where in the constitution it mentions we can do this.’ Dr. Kamal again remained silent.

4) Oikya Front demanded that Begum Zia should be released before the election. The prime minister asked Dr. Kamal, ‘Can the Executive Division of a state bail a prisoner? Isn’t it against the freedom of judiciary?’ Kamal remained silent.

5) Oikya Front demanded army deployment during the election and asked to give them magistracy power. The prime minister asked, ‘Isn’t it against the constitution to give magistracy power to the army?’ Dr. Kamal again kept his head lowered.

Against logic and wisdom of the prime minister, Dr. Kamal Hossain was destroyed in this manner. The prime minister said to the Oikya Front leaders, ‘You’re experts of the constitution, I’m an ordinary person. Explain to me with logic and I’ll accept all your demands that comply with the constitution.’

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