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Battle to defer election

Published on : 06 November 2018, 06:03 PM
Battle to defer election


Not the implementation of seven-point demand, Jatiya Oikya Front now wants to put pressure on government to defer the election. Oikya Front leaders said, "The government will become weaker if the election is deferred. The control over the administration will get reduced. And then Awami League will not be able to influence the election." Postponing election was the main topic of discussion in yesterday`s (Monday) Oikya Front meeting. Even Oikya Front requested the Election Commission not to announce the election schedule before the results of the dialogue following the meeting with EC yesterday (Monday). Today it has also been told in Oikya Front public rally that "The movement will be announced if the schedule is announced without compromise." After the official cabinet meeting today, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina talked about conspiracy about the election. After the formal meeting, the Prime Minister held a meeting with the ministers. There she said, "A group is trying to create uncertainty over the election. It will not be allowed to happen." According to the sources the Prime Minister made a three-point decision at that meeting.

1. The dialogue will end on November 7. In the dialogue, the government will offer the inclusion of 4 ministers from the opposition parties.

2. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will hold a press conference on 8th November over the formal subjects of the dialogue and the election. The press conference will be held at noon.

3. The Awami League and the 14-party alliance will formally announce the objection to the EC over the postponement of schedule.

According to the sources, Jatiya Oikya Front leaders are not interested in either movement or election. Rather, they want to create a crisis deferring the election schedule. Oikya Front leader Mahmudur Rahman Manna said, "The dialogue is a political negotiation attempt. We are going to sit in a second round of dialogue on November 7. It may take time to negotiate. If the schedule is announced before the negotiation, then all the way will be closed. "However, Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader could not agree with Manna`s statement. He said, "The Election Commission was scheduled to announce the schedule on 4 November. But for the sake of political dialogue it has been delayed till 8 November. Then there is no scope to defer the schedule. "Awami League sources said, on November 7 Awami League will propose an election-time government comprising with all the parties. Sources said, if they don`t consider that proposal then Awami League will not go ahead with the dialogue anymore. An Awami League leader said that some of the 7-point demands pushed forward by Jatiya Oikya Front have already been accepted. Some demands are related to the Election Commission and some of the demands such as arranging election after parliament dissolve, non-partisan government, providing magistracy powers to the army officers, are contradictory to the constitution. That Awami League leader said, the government would consider the reasonable demands in light of the constitutional framework. Awami League will not allow any procrastination of the dialogue.

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