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Half of administration to side with BNP

Published on : 21 October 2018, 06:09 PM
Half of administration to side with BNP


Half of the administration will side with BNP the moment the Election Commission (EC) will announce the schedule for national elections. The BNP leaders were seen to be confident about this. During a meeting of BNP on Saturday, the leaders expressed such hope of getting administration`s support in the upcoming national elections. At one point of the meeting, two Jatiya Oikya Front leaders also joined the meeting.

Although BNP talks about starting movements in the country, its activities do not show any possibility of such movements. Rather, the party is reportedly preparing for the elections. BNP has taken initiatives to organize public rallies in different parts of the country including Sylhet.

According to reliable sources, different reasons have motivated BNP to go to the polls leaving the path of movement.

The first reason is, BNP believes the popularity of the government has declined. It has received such information from the survey conducted by its own people. The survey revealed that Awami League is plagued with internal conflict in different constituencies. Therefore, BNP believes that if a free, fair and neutral election is held, it will win by a surprising margin. BNP`s confidence grew followed by the recent three city elections, which were held simultaneously. BNP believes the government could not manage `Barisal, Sylhet and Rajshahi` elections simultaneously. It believes that it is not possible for the government to have a fair management of the elections in three hundred constituencies simultaneously.

Secondly, BNP believes Awami League will not have the opportunity to rig exceedingly in the elections. Because BNP has its own people in the Election Commission. BNP`s confidence in the elections is largely due to the role of Election Commissioner Mahbub Talukder. Mahbub Talukder declared to side with BNP, he did not hide anything in this regard. BNP was happy to know Mahbub Talukder`s public declaration. During the elections, Mahbub Talukder will come forward with BNP`s issues, and the issues will be discussed in national and international areas. It is considered as a positive side for BNP.

Third, BNP believes the administration and the law enforcing agency that Awami League has prepared during its last ten years of tenure will be torn down the moment the EC declares the election schedule. BNP has information that at least 50 percent of the top officials in the administration are in favor of BNP. The officials will come out when the time will be right for them. Besides, 60 percent of the field administration is in the possession of BNP. In last night`s policy-making meeting of BNP, they discussed on a list prepared for placing their people in different places of the administration. A large part of the police administration is also expected to work in favor of BNP. Personal interest has been identified as the main reason behind the administration growing a pro-BNP force. It has been noticed that only a particular group of administration had promotions and satisfactory posting. But a large part of the officials was deprived of promotions or good posting. That is why they are angry with the government. The outburst of their anger will drive them to work for BNP during the elections.

Fourthly, if the party chairperson Khaleda Zia remains in jail, the people will feel sympathy for her and it will play an effective role during the elections.

Finally, BNP believes the internal conflict of Awami League is so intense that it will not be possible to resolve before the elections. So, it is possible to defeat Awami League if it goes to the polls.

So far, BNP had one problem, its leadership. However, since it has decided to keep Dr. Kamal Hossain as a symbolic leader, it will gain national and international acceptance.

At this moment, BNP’s goal is to bring other alliance partners of 20-party except for Jamaat into Jatiya Oikya Front. Moreover, a part of Bikalpa Dhara separated itself from the party. BNP plans to include them too. Now the main goal of BNP is to keep the movement issue at one side and form a big alliance with one party symbol.

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