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PM coming up with dramatic announcement!

Published on : 19 October 2018, 08:14 PM
PM coming up with dramatic announcement!
The Prime Minister will deliver a speech before the announcement of the national parliament election schedule. The Election Commission has asked for a meeting with the President between October 28 to October 30. After the official meeting with the President under the leadership of the Chief Election Commissioner, the Election Commission will announce the schedule of the next national elections. And according to EC, this is the custom of declaration of the schedule of national elections. Before the announcement of the formal schedule, the Prime Minister will declare a number of announcements for a fair election in her speech. Multiple responsible government sources confirmed about this. Multiple sources say several dramatic announcements will come up in the Prime Minister`s speech. After this announcement, the complexity and suspicion of the elections will come to an end, confirmed the sources. The sources said the prime minister will call upon all political parties to participate in the next elections in her speech. She will say, "Participating in the elections is the responsibility of all political parties." The Prime Minister will request the political parties to create an environment that will motivate people to cast their votes.

The Prime Minister`s close sources said, in the possible speech of the Prime Minister, she will remind the events of terror and disorder conducted by BNP after the 2014 elections. She will also present the progress of the country under the leadership of Awami League government.

According to the source, the Prime Minister will make a clear announcement in her speech that elections will be held in Bangladesh like they are held in other democratic countries. There will be some surprises in the Prime Minister`s speech. According to sources, the PM will tell the outgoing parliament members will become powerless as soon as the schedule is announced. She can also declare that the members of Parliament will not get any state opportunities. Besides, she may announce that the cabinet members will be restricted to only everyday activities. The announcement can come from her speech that the ministers will not get any protocol for election campaign in their respective areas. In addition, the PM will mention how the Independent Election Commission will get the responsibility of the administration with the announcement of the schedule. The Prime Minister will also say that assisting the Election Commission to ensure a free and fair election will be the only task of the outgoing government.

Although the government says there is nothing like election-time government. No minister will be in the election-time government outside the current parliament. But many sources have said that dramatic announcements may come on this issue. There are provisions for appointment of an unelected minister for every ten ministers in the constitution (technocrat). By applying this provision, the Prime Minister can surprise everyone by appointing some other party leaders at a proportional equation. But there is still no information about topics like how many ministers will be taken from another party and which party will get preference if this really happens. Contacted, a top Awami League leader said, `just wait and see.`