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Why world leaders want Sheikh Hasina again?

Published on : 18 October 2018, 10:08 PM
Why world leaders want Sheikh Hasina again?

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has visited Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. On this tour, the Prime Minister met with Saudi King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz. The Saudi King expressed his hope that Sheikh Hasina would again come in power after being elected. The Saudi King expected that Sheikh Hasina will be in charge of the country to keep the consistency of the remarkable development of Bangladesh. 

Not just Saudi Arabia, governments of different countries, heads of states and international agencies are congratulating the PM in advance whenever she went in foreign tours. They hope that Sheikh Hasina would again become head of government after winning again in the next elections.
The question may arise why the world leaders want Sheikh Hasina to lead Bangladesh again. The answer is very simple. Sheikh Hasina has been able to establish Bangladesh as a role model of development in the world. Today Bangladesh becomes an example to the world and to the countries that have been advocate of development.
Analysts say people will decide what will happen in upcoming eleven parliament elections. People will choose the next government of Bangladesh. But Bangladesh has shown tremendous success under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Therefore, world leaders believe that Bangladesh needs Sheikh Hasina again to maintain the continuity of development. Under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the current Bangladesh can be compared with Mahathir Bin Mohamad`s Malaysia. Sheikh Hasina`s Bangladesh also can be compared to Lee Kuan Yew who led Singapore. Mahathir Bin Mohamad and Lee Kuan are known as the symbol of Malaysia and Singapore`s development respectively. Similarly Sheikh Hasina is the symbol of Bangladesh`s development. Bangladesh`s development and Sheikh Hasina have become a synonymous word. She has taken Bangladesh to such a height, from where no one can neglect or underestimate Bangladesh now.
Sheikh Hasina has emerged as a leader who has gone beyond her territory and established herself as an international leader. Last year, Sheikh Hasina`s courageous role in the Rohingya crisis gave her the status of a world leader. When the world`s developed countries were reluctant to provide shelter to Rohingya refugees, that time Sheikh Hasina stepped forward. She has given shelter to millions of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Where there are only 7 lac Rohingya refugees spread all over the world, Bangladesh alone gave shelter to 11 lac refugees. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emerged as the symbol of world peace and humanity. Despite being a female prime minister of a Muslim-dominated country, she has established the country as a unique symbol of communal harmony. In the world where Muslims are accused of terrorism, PM Hasina has presented Islam as a religion of peace. She and her government adopted the `zero tolerance` policy against militancy, terrorism and anarchism.
PM Hasina is considered as the bridge of the east and western worlds. She has proved worldwide that Islam and development are not contradictory. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has spread all over the world that Islam does not allow bigotry. Likewise, the Prime Minister is sending messages to the world through her peaceful philosophy that peace is the biggest solution to development.
Sheikh Hasina is probably the first head of state, who has exceeded the boundaries of the country and become the subject of international research. Not only for Bangladesh, she is necessary for peaceful politics all over the world. And because of all these reasons, the world leaders want to see Sheikh Hasina as the leader of Bangladesh again.