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Greater unity halts due to 7 obstacles

Published on : 12 October 2018, 06:04 PM
Greater unity halts due to 7 obstacles


Effort to format a unity of BNP, United Front and unity process is going on for nearly two months. But this unity initiative has stumbled again. The leaders have been saying for two months that the unity will be formed soon but due to various complexities, ultimately unity cannot take the full form. It has been found in the investigation, the initiative of unity process is facing challenges because of several conditions, mutual distrust and suspicion. Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhury, one of the key organizers of the unity effort, said, "After all, things have progressed, new problems are arising." But he thinks that such a thing can happen if there is a greater unity.

Talking to multiple leaders of unity effort it has been learned that because of 7 reasons the unity process cannot take the final form. These 7 reasons are:

  1. BNP Jamaat Relations: United Front and national unity process gave BNP the condition of leaving Jamaat from the very beginning. But BNP has not yet clarified its exact relationship with Jamaat. BNP wants to join the greater unity with Jamaat leaving 20 party alliance. It has not been accepted by many.
  2. Tarique`s leadership: Although not expressing publicly, many leaders of United Front and national unity expressed their discomfort over Tarique Zia. In particular, after the announcement of verdict of grenade attack case on 10th October, many raised question over Tarique`s leadership.
  3. Mahi`s role: Leaders are considering Mahi B. Chowdhury as a big obstacle in the path of greater unity. Even many leaders of the United Fronts think that the government has secret contacts with Mahi. BNP publicly expressed their objection on Mahi.
  4. Dr. Kamal`s mysterious role: Dr. Kamal is considered as the leader of greater unity. But many United Front leaders think that Dr Kamal`s behavior is not political. He went to Singapore without informing anyone. He even cancelled yesterday`s (Thursday) meeting without telling anyone. Many of his decisions are called `autocratic` and `dictatorial`.
  5. Election or movement: This question is not solved yet in greater unity efforts. Many leaders of the unity want to go to the polls under the current government. On the other hand, many people want to bring down the government through the movement. This is also a big reason behind the problem of the unity effort.
  6. Seat Sharing: Seat sharing is a major reason for the dissonance of the unity process. United Front has proposed 150 seats to BNP. They even have made the proposal that they will rule for first two years if they win the election, which is not acceptable to BNP.
  7. Dissent in BNP: BNP is the main powerhouse of the unity. They have their own supporters, activists and vote banks. But leaders like Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, Mirza Abbas are not in favor of the greater unity.

Whether this greater unity will be formed after overcoming all these conditions and disagreements has become a great event to observe now.

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