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Discomfort in AL, hidden joy in BNP

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Published on : 10 October 2018, 06:02 PM
Discomfort in AL, hidden joy in BNP


Awami League is not happy with the verdict of the August 21 grenade attack case. This verdict seems of have made Awami League uncomfortable. On the other hand, although BNP criticized the verdict publicly, they could not hide their secret joy. Political observers think that this verdict will not lead BNP to the point of no return. In response to this verdict, no program of BNP has also been observed and announced.

Prior to the election, the verdict of the 21 August grenade attack case is very important for Awami League. The party wanted Tarique Zia`s highest punishment i.e. death sentence in this case. Awami League policymakers had thought that if the court gave Tarique Zia death sentence then the party would have fallen into ‘existential-crisis’ at the national and international levels. As a result, it would become difficult to keep Tarique Zia in the party`s leadership position. This verdict could increase the international pressure on BNP. The party’s top leaders would also be questioned over the death penalty. Moreover, it would have been easy to prove BNP as a terrorist organization both nationally and internationally. Although Tarique Zia got life imprisonment but political analysts believe that it may not be possible to remove him from the leadership of BNP based on this sentence. Tarique has already received 17 years of imprisonment in two cases. The life imprisonment verdict will not have any impact in changing the national and international perspectives about him. Political analysts believe that this verdict will make an easy way for BNP to establish their claim.

Talking to many BNP leaders it has been learned that they were skeptical about the death penalty verdict. A BNP leader said that if there was such a verdict, we had nothing but to do movement. Other parties would have remained away from the movement for ethical reasons. The biggest thing is if Tarique Zia was executed in the verdict, the moral strength of the leaders and activists would have been down. And it would have great impact on movement and election. Now the activists have regained energy after the verdict. And there is a completely opposite picture being observed among the Awami League activists. If Tarique Zia got death penalty, AL activists would come to the ground with full enthusiasm.  An influential AL leader said, "There is no greater power than the enthusiastic workers. Awami League activists would become enthusiastic if Tarique was given death sentence. It would have worked as a tonic in the elections."

Many Awami League leaders said that the party should keep an eye on the verdict related issues so that the verdict in the last phase of the tenure cannot affect the party. The biggest achievement is that the culprits have been brought under justice. And this perception should be taken ahead. On the other hand, BNP leaders, hiding their joy from the public, seem to have become determined to stage greater movement to oust the government from power.

However, some political analysts opine, this verdict will lead BNP towards the elections. In the end, it can be said that this verdict has not made both Awami League and BNP either fully happy or unhappy.