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Khaleda going abroad?

Published on : 09 October 2018, 06:05 PM
Khaleda going abroad?

Is Begum Zia going abroad for better treatment? Such an assumption is being heard after talking to some Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) doctors and several responsible government sources. Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said, "We have arranged the best treatment for Begum Zia as per the High Court order. According to the medical board and the High Court`s directive, the government will take further steps in this regard." The five-member medical board that was formed for the treatment of Begum Zia is regularly examining her health. Although Dr. Abdul Jalil Chowdhury, chief of the medical board, thinks that it is possible to provide long-term treatment in Bangladesh and at BSMMU to be precise. However, Begum Zia`s personal physician and her relative Dr. Mamun believes, it is not possible to give better treatment to Begum Zia here in Bangladesh. According to him, Begum Zia`s left hand got cranked and she is unable to move her left shoulder as well. Her left side is gradually becoming numb. And it is a clear symptom of paralysis. Dr. Mamun told BNP leaders, "In this situation, it requires long-term physiotherapy and Rehab (rehabilitation)." He said to the BNP leaders, "The modern equipment needed for such physiotherapy is not available at BSMMU or anywhere in Bangladesh." He thinks there is a possibility of Begum Zia becoming crippled if she does not take treatment from abroad.

The top leaders of BNP have already started counting their profits and losses over Begum Zia`s foreign trip. Different opinions within BNP over this issue are being heard. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir does not want to mix politics with Begum Zia`s treatment. According to the sources, if doctors think that Begum Zia needs better medical treatment in abroad after their observation, then Fakhrul will discuss with government over this issue. However, some senior BNP leaders are against taking Begum Zia abroad now. BNP standing committee member Barrister Moudu Ahmed thinks that preparations for the final move to remove the government are now underway. Greater unity has been developed. At this time, if Begum Zia goes abroad, wrong message can be sent to the activists and the people. Many who like him are now in favor of keeping Begum Zia in the country.

However, the government adopted a very liberal policy regarding the treatment of Begum Zia. Multiple responsible sources of the government say the government does not want to take any responsibility of her illness. The doctors have also been instructed to do whatever is necessary for ensuring treatment to Begum Zia. Some leaders of the government think that if the physical condition of Begum Zia gets deteriorated, the ruling party may be blamed for this.  And Awami League does not want to involve in such a debate before the elections. An Awami League leader said, "If the doctors advise us to take her abroad for treatment and if the High Court approves it, then the government shall not object."