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LG OLED TV with best-ever picture quality

Published on : 16 April 2019, 04:15 PM
LG OLED TV with best-ever picture quality

The unthinkable innovation and different types of electronic devices are surprising us every day. However, television still remains as one of the most popular entertainment media. And to keep pace with the ever-changing world, televisions are also becoming smarter day by day to make our life more comfortable and easier.

What’s special in LG OLED TV?

‘OLED’ stands for organic light emitting diode. Like in all other ordinary televisions, LED backlight is not used in LG OLED TV. That is why LG OLED TV can give the perfect black and perfect colors, which no other TV can do.

LG TV product manager Ashiqul Islam said, “LG has been working on OLED TV since 2013. But all other brands available in the market have started working on OLED TV from 2017. Because they realized that there is no alternative to OLED for producing the best picture quality.”

Ashiqul Islam added the panel used in the OLED TV is a unique technology of LG. Many renowned brands are also manufacturing OLED TVs. But they are taking the OLED panel from LG. Therefore, in many cases their TVs do not match with LG’s OLED performance level.

Most of the brands available in the market use old backlight technology, which is unable to produce the perfect black for the TVs. Hence, one cannot watch the perfect pictures on a TV. Again, the backlight of those OLED TVs never switches off. Thus, producing the perfect pictures becomes impossible. Only LG OLED TV, which does not use any backlight, can give the viewers the perfect black and the perfect pictures with the help of self-lighting pixels technology. Moreover, the LG OLED TV has embedded ThinQ AI technology that helps you operate the TV with just voice-command even without any internet connection.

Ashiqul Islam further added that LG OLED TV has 4 years’ replacement warranty. In fact, LG TVs have supremacy over all other brands in terms of quality and innovation. That is why LG has been the best OLED brand in the market in the last five years.


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