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What successful women say about success

Ayon Debnath
Published on : 04 November 2017, 02:07 PM
What successful women say about success


Christina M. Alfonso-Ercan

35, Ney York

Chief Executive Officer, Madeira Global


The 100th anniversary of the Equal Rights Amendment introduced to the Congress (USA) is going to happen in the year 2023. And yet we have not managed to secure our rights equally in terms of holding seats in the executive leadership table. Women hold only 25 percent of executive or senior-level management roles, 20 percent of board roles, and 6 percent of CEO roles in the USA.

The simple reason I left corporate America is about being paid less than my male counterparts for the same role and having fewer opportunities for advancement. I am confident that I am not an exception. There are many women who have faced a similar decision. Like many other women, I have been resourceful and determined, but no individual can reach the summit on her own.

Karoli Hindriks

34, Tallinn, Estonia

Chief Executive of Jobbatical.com


Confidence is the main driver of entrepreneurial success. Every day I ask myself “Am I good enough for this? Can I do this?” I build my own confidence as a leader for being able to get connected with like-minded women across the world and seeing their impacts. I want to play a role to build a world where a woman’s perceived capacity to lead isn’t connected to her desire or ability to raise children.

Lea von Bidder

7, San Francisco

Chief Executive, Ava Science


When it comes to the issues associated with women we become accustomed to slow but steady progress. We need to speak together with one voice and make sure that our voice isn’t weakened by inconsistencies from within. What we need to do is to stop questioning and policing the women’s movement. Whoever supports equality between women and men should be a part of it. Finding a unified common voice is what I am looking for the next year.

Gisela Pinheiro

38, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Vice president for BASF in South America


When I started in finance I was the only woman in the room. To describe it more precisely, I was “in the closet”. I have been able to trigger my true interest because luckily I was exposed to a number of great gender discussions that were broader and serious inclusion dialogues. All these enabled me with a greater strength to get out of my closet and continue to outperform myself as a professional and a mother. If all the women of the world have the same opportunities that others like me are having, then the world will surely move ahead further.

Katharina Schmitt

32, San Francisco

General Manager, Ampush Media


What I want to see in this world is that women’s movement makes progress on creating right environment for women to flourish in. The women movement is a demand of our time and must create the platform for a supportive voice and diverse community to surface ideas and organize thoughts at a global level. I remember one of my favorite proverbs says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.


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