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Let`s live the love...

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Published on : 14 February 2018, 08:07 AM
Let`s live the love...

The celebration of Valentine`s Day is an amazing event when the world observes this day with their loved ones. However, people often mistake this day as a day to celebrate it only with his or her lover. People find their love held in one tender embrace of affection. And the ‘often’ word converts to ‘always’ when it comes to celebrating the day in Bangladesh.

From History 
Valentine`s Day celebration started Bangladesh in the 1990s with huge popularity among the young generation. Shafik Rehman is credited for introducing Valentine`s Day in Bangladesh. History tells that this day is celebrated to honor a Christian martyr known as Saint Valentine. He lived in the third century.

True Essence of this day
The true essence of Valentine’s Day is in celebrating the day in an inclusive way, where affection will cross all restricting borderlines and spread among everyone. One can even take this day as an opportunity to forget about the strenuous life and spend the day reaching out to people whom you miss from your past. It can be anyone, related or unrelated.

What can you really do? 
For a day, you can be someone who has never been in your whole life. For instance, you can spend the day with some street children. Listen to their demands, listen to the stories of their hardship and feed them good food which they have never eaten in their life. You will realize how easy it is to feel love for people you have not met in your life. You will also realize that living a life in a concrete building with all the lavishness is not the answer, rather true happiness resides out there, in spreading the love.

What message Bangla Insider wants to convey
Bangla Insider wishes to bring a smile to each person’s face. We want you to carry love and spread among all the people you love and care about. Do not make it special for your partner alone but make it universal and cheap- if possible, make it free- so that you can express your love for everyone.
Wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!