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Trial of Saudi Crown Prince`s sister starts

Published on : 10 July 2019, 11:45 AM
Trial of Saudi Crown Prince`s sister starts

A French court has begun the trial of Saudi prince`s sister Hassa bint Salman for assaulting her assistant. The trial began in the absence of the princess on Tuesday.

Hassa owns a luxurious apartment in Paris. Her assistant Ashraf  Eid used to work there for her. Eid has accused that he was tied up and was ordered to kiss the princess’s feet. She also wanted to kill him as she ordered, “Kill him. He’s a dog. He has no right to live.” 

However, princess Hassa has denied all accusations against her and left France after the incident. She has accused Ashraf of taking her photos secretly and then trying to sell them. He was reproached for that reason. 

The princess’s Lawyer Emmanuel Moyne claimed that Hassa is the victim of false accusation. He said, “The princess is a caring, humble, approachable and cultured woman. It is forbidden according to Saudi law to take pictures of Saudi princess for the sake of safety. We hope that the judges will consider the numerous accusations and inconsistencies against the plaintiff of the case. The plaintiff`s medical report is controversial and consists of false information. 

The complaint of physical harassment was raised in 2018. At that time, arrest warrant was issued against the princess.  


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