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Malala losing job for wearing head scarf

Published on : 07 July 2019, 11:30 AM
Malala losing job for wearing head scarf

The Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, currently teaching at Quebec, would not be able to continue her job after this Canadian province recently passed a controversial law barring some civil servants, including teachers, from wearing religious symbols at work.

Imran Khan to visit Russia on President Putin`s invitation

Pakistan`s Prime Minister Imran Khan is due to visit Russia following country`s president Vladimir Putin. The international media reported that Putin has invited Khan to attend the Eastern Economic Forum which is scheduled to be held from September 4 to September 6 in Vladivostok.

France and Iran agree to seek conditions for talks

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday that France and Iran have agreed to seek conditions for resuming talks to try to save Tehran`s 2015 nuclear deal. During a telephone conversation with Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani Macron expressed his strong concern about the issue.

Tutankhamun`s sculpture sold for $6 million

Auction company Christie`s sold a sculpture of King Tut`s head for $6 million on Thursday amid controversy. Egypt earlier claimed the relic of the famed pharaoh was stolen and issued a statement to suspend the auction on Wednesday. Their claim was that since Christie`s could not guarantee ownership of this statue, its auctions were also illegal.

Congress-JDS alliance in trouble in Karnataka

The ruling coalition Congress and JDS government in Karnataka is in deep crisis after their 12 MLAs submitted their resignation from the parties over revolt and internal conflict. According to the country`s media, many Congress and JDS MLAs are lined up outside Karnataka Assembly Speaker`s office and have submitted their resignation.

Sri Lankan Muslims to down shutters as hardline Buddhists meet

Shops owned by Muslim traders in the Sri Lankan central district of Kandy are likely to be closed on Sunday to avoid any possible confrontation since thousands of hardline Buddhist monks will gather there to decide in the country’s upcoming presidential elections.

Trump announces about coming anti-immigrant operation

US President Donald Trump has said that his country will begin the campaign to send back illegal immigrants to their home country. However, the organizations working with immigration have assured that they will be `ready` to face the immigration officials.


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