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World’s longest polls to mark end and other stories

Published on : 19 May 2019, 11:54 AM
World’s longest polls to mark end and other stories
The longest polls in the world are going to mark the end today (Sunday). The final phase of India`s Lok Sabha elections started from this morning and will continue till 6 pm. 
Rep lawmaker asks for Trump`s impeachment
Justin Amash becomes first Republican lawmaker in Congress that said President Trump should be impeached. Responding to the Mueller report, this Michigan representative finally said on Saturday that what Trump is doing is enough to impeach a president.
Australia election: Morrison marks `shocking` victory
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has astonished everyone by winning the national elections again. Previously, partial results showed the Liberal-National Coalition was close to a majority. Morrison, however, surprised everyone by winning this election. He thanked his supporters for re-electing him. 
NK rebuilding long-range rocket launch center
North Korea has almost finished the work of rebuilding a long-range rocket launch center, said South Korea. Pyongyang promised to shut down this huge nuclear base earlier. A group of South Korean lawmakers told the journalists after a closed-door meeting with the intelligence officers of that country.
Fish with rows of human teeth found in US
Fish that had a mouthful of eerily human teeth washed up on the shores of St Simon’s Island in Georgia, USA. The name of the fish found is sheepshead and it uses its gnarly teeth to crush shrimp, crabs, and mussels.
Internet celebrity grumpy cat is dead
Grumpy cat, internet`s most popular cat whose piercing look of contempt originated many internet memes, died on Tuesday. This 7-year-old, actually named Tardar Sauce, died after complications that arose from a urinary tract infection. Hollywood stars like Stan Lee and Jennifer Lopez were also fans of this cat.
Security warning issued in Indonesia before announcement of election results 
Indonesia`s police and the US Embassy of the country have strengthened security warning focusing the official announcement of the results of the Indonesian presidential and legislative elections. The results of the presidential election will be announced on next Wednesday. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies have arrested 29 suspected militants. It is known that they were planning bomb explosions using Wi-Fi network.
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