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Trump issues state emergency to combat IT threat

Published on : 16 May 2019, 12:04 PM
Trump issues state emergency to combat IT threat
US president Donald Trump has issued a state of emergency on Wednesday to protect the country`s computer network from "foreign adversaries". He signed an executive order in which it was said that US companies cannot use any foreign telecom company that may be threatening national security.
Saudi to introduce ‘green card’ for experts
Saudi Arabia will introduce green card to allow permanent residency of wealthy and skilled foreign professionals in the country. Country`s Shoura Council approved a draft law on ‘green-card’ style residency scheme for the first time on Wednesday. The new ‘privileged’ iqama (residency permit) law will allow foreigners to buy property in the country.
Indian EC invokes article 324 in West Bengal
Indian Election Commission has invoked Article 324 of the Constitution in West Bengal that prohibits election campaigning in nine constituencies of the state until the conclusion of the Lok Sabha polls on April 19. Deputy Election Commissioner Sudeep Jain from Delhi said in a press conference that in the last 24 hours, various political parties have complained against West Bengal`s last phase of voting.  After reviewing the situation, the EC has taken this step.
US creating list of scientists associated with Chinese army!
Washington is going to form a list of scientists and engineering institutions associated with the China`s People`s Liberation Army amid the deteriorating relations between the two countries. Members of opposition parties in House and Senate have proposed a bill in this regard.
US orders partial evacuation of embassy in Iraq in fear of Iran
The US is considering Iranian Top Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei`s statement ``Iran will not compromise with the US". However, no one wants war `as an indirect threat. And so, the country has already issued an order to remove unnecessary government workers from their embassy in Iraq`s Baghdad. On Wednesday, US employees were asked to leave Iraq with urgency. But Washington has not yet released what kind of threat the United States received from Iran.
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