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Sudan military coup ousts country`s president

Published on : 12 April 2019, 11:25 AM
Sudan military coup ousts country`s president

Sudan military coup finally ousts and arrests country`s President Omar al-Bashir, who has been in power for nearly 30 years, after day long drama, protest and suspense. Country`s army took over the power and vowed to oversee a two-year transitional period followed by elections. Citing country`s authority, the international media inform that a three-month state of emergency has been announced. The protesters, however, vowed to stay on the street demanding a civilian council to lead the transition rather than army personnel.

Arakan Army kills 20 soldiers in Rakhine

At least 20 soldiers were killed when the Arakan Army carried out attacks on two Myanmar Army artillery bases in country`s northern Rakhine province on Tuesday. This fresh attack carried out three days after Arakan Army killed all the members of a full squad, including a captain in Rakhine`s Buthidaung.

Lok Sabha elections: Allegations of security forces intervention in Cooch Behar

Trinamool Congress has alleged that security forces intervened in Cooch Behar polling. The party alleged that BSF members penetrated in the polling booth violating the rules. Trinamool leader Rabindranath Ghosh told reporters that the Election Commission has been informed about the matter but they didn`t take any steps on this regard.

British PM welcomes Assange’s arrest

British Prime Minister Theresa May has welcomed news of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s arrest. She said, this incident proved that no one is above the law. Theresa May confirmed to parliament that Assange was arrested for an alleged breach of bail. May also praised the Ecuadorian government for their cooperation on this regard.

Trump knows nothing about Wikileaks

US President Donald Trump has claimed that he knows nothing about WikiLeaks. Although during the 2016 presidential election campaign, Trump has repeatedly brought WikiLeaks to the context. There is also a complaint against his son for maintaining contact with WikiLeaks.


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