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Mueller report finds no collusion of Trump with Russia

Published on : 25 March 2019, 11:58 AM
Mueller report finds no collusion of Trump with Russia

Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not find any conspiracy of Trump`s campaign with Russia during 2016 Presidential election. A summary report of US connection with Russia was submitted to Congress on Sunday. However, it is not clear yet whether Mueller’s report was illegally obstructed by President Trump. Trump was not held responsible for any such incident or was not even mentioned about his impunity in the report. Meanwhile in a response Trump said, "it was a shame that the country had to go through this".

6 injured after rocket strikes central Israel

At least 6 people have been injured after a rocket was fired on central Israel on early Monday. Israeli military says the rocket was launched from the Gaza strip. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. This attack comes 10 days after rockets were fired at Israel`s densely populated commercial capital of Tel Aviv by Hamas. Hamas, however, claimed the incident as an accident.

Campaign for second Brexit referendum perfectly coherent: Philip Hammond

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond mentioned a fresh Brexit referendum deserves to be considered. A day after the huge gathering of millions of people over Brexit issue, this influential minister of Theresa May`s cabinet talked about this issue as a first cabinet minister.

I am always against Narendra Modi: Arundhati Roy

Worldwide acclaimed author and activist Arundhati Roy referred herself a `vocal critic` of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that she has always been against him (Modi). In an interview with Al-Jazeera, she told about her position while discussing about the Kashmir issue. Roy referred Modi`s position in Kashmir as ``reckless` and said, "The whole world needs to turn its attention to Kashmir because we are in a very, very dangerous situation there".

Medical use of marijuana gets legalization in Florida

Authorities of Florida have legalized the smoking of medical marijuana. After a long hiatus for two years, the decision finally came into effect. With this approval, only marijuana used in medical treatment will be considered legal in Florida.


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