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Six dead after train derails in India and other stories

Published on : 03 February 2019, 11:43 AM
Six dead after train derails in India and other stories

Six people have died and at least 24 more have injured after 11 coaches of Delhi-bound train derailed today (Sunday) early morning. This accident took place near Hajipur, Bihar, 30 kilometers away from Patna. Witnesses said the number of death could increase further.

Building collapse in Syria claims 11 lives

At least 11 people, including four children, died after a damaged building collapsed in Syrian northern city of Aleppo yesterday (Saturday). It has been possible to save a child from rubble. country`s authority said the building is in the eastern Salahuddin neighborhood, once held by rebels and many more buildings in the region are feared to be collapsed any time.

Egyptian archaeologists discover 50 mummies from a desert tomb

Archaeologists have uncovered 2300 years old 50 mummies in an ancient desert tomb in Egypt`s Minya. 12 of the mummies wrapped with linen cloth are known to children. The authority believe that these mummies are belonged a middle-class family and are in good condition.

Venezuelan army going against Maduro!

There is a hint that Venezuelan military could go against President Nicolás Maduro. A high ranked air force general called on the armed forces to rebel against President Maduro yesterday (Saturday) local time in a video circulating on Twitter. The other members of the Armed Forces will also take the same route, he said.


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