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Maduro accuses Trump of assassination

Published on : 31 January 2019, 12:08 PM
Maduro accuses Trump of assassination


Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro accused that US President Donald Trump ordered to assassinate him. More than a week into a standoff with the US-backed opposition in Venezuela Maduro said that Trump was trying to kill him by associating with the Colombian government.

Labour MP Tulip makes record with proxy vote

British MP Tulip Siddiq made a record after casting proxy vote for the first time in the history of the United Kingdom. British Parliament introduced the proxy vote for a one-year trial as a result of her long movement.

Pakistan appoints Hindu judge for first time

Suman Kumari, a woman belonging to the Hindu community, has been appointed as a civil and judicial magistrate, for the first time in Pakistan`s judicial history. She is from Sindh’s Shahdadkot district.

US intelligence report blows up Trump`s fantasy

Senior officials of the US National Intelligence Department have disagreed with President Donald Trump`s views in a number of issues including nuclear disarmament of North Korean. In a recent report, they said that North Korea would never destroy nuclear weapons altogether.

Toxic smog forces closure of schools in Bangkok

Unprecedented air pollution forces the sudden shut down of more than 400 schools in Bangkok this week. This step has been taken by the city authority to protect the children from deadly effect of toxic air.

Mosul museum partially reopens after 5 years

A part of Mosul museum reopens for the first time since the militant group ISI overran the city in 2014. On Wednesday local time the Royal Reception of the museum is opened to the visitors.

Floods in Saudi Arabia leave 12 people dead

At least 12 people have died and more than 170 got injured in floods triggered by heavy rains in the north-western part of Saudi Arabia. Country`s civil defense authority said on Thursday.


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