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Sheikh Hasina’s victory in international media

Published on : 31 December 2018, 10:34 AM
Sheikh Hasina’s victory in international media

Under the leadership of Awami League President and current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the party is going to form government for the fifth term and thus making history in the politics of Bangladesh. It will be the third consecutive term for the AL-led government in power. At this moment, Sheikh Hasina is the center of the discussion of the Bangladeshi politics in the global media. However, it was noticed that most of the international media networks were active from the very beginning of the polls day publishing updates on the election.

British national daily ‘The Guardian’ has published a report titled, ‘Bangladesh PM Hasina wins thumping victory in elections opposition rejects as `farcical`.’

Qatar based news media Al Jazeera reports, ‘Hasina wins Bangladesh elections as opposition rejects polls.’

The world-renowned news agency Reuters reports, ‘Bangladesh PM Hasina scores big election win, opposition claims vote rigged.’

India’s NDTV and Zee News very vigilantly published reports on Bangladeshi general election. NDTV’s title was, ‘Landslide Win for Sheikh Hasina In Bangladesh, Opposition Seeks New Vote.’ Zee News published a report, ‘Sheikh Hasina registers landslide win in Bangladesh polls, opposition cries foul.’

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) published a report under the title of ‘Bangladesh election: Sheikh Hasina wins new term as prime minister.’

Pakistani national daily Dawn reports, ‘Bangladesh`s Sheikh Hasina set for landslide win as opposition demands new vote.’