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Trump and Melania pay tribute to Bush

Published on : 04 December 2018, 12:48 PM
Trump and Melania pay tribute to Bush


President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have paid their respects to former 41st US President George HW Bush at the United States Capitol.

The remains of the nation`s 41st president are located in the Capitol Rotunda.

The presidential couple stood in front of the coffin. After a little more than a minute of silence, the president gave a military salute to the coffin and the first lady put her hand to her heart before leaving Congress and returning to the White House.

The US president skipped the previous service at the Capitol. But Vice President Mike Pence along with others eulogized the departed former president of Bush family.

The next plan for Trump is to be present at Bush`s state funeral, which would take place on Wednesday at the National Cathedral in Washington.

The president and the Bush family are not on good terms with each other, as the former has criticized the latter over and over in the past. However, Trump praised on this day calling Bush "just a high-quality man who truly loved his family" and a "terrific guy" who will be missed.  

George H W Bush, who died on Friday aged 94, will later be buried at his Texas home alongside his wife, Barbara. 

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